How many pants should a guy own?

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How many pants should a guy own?

How many pants should I own as a regular guy? You must have asked yourself this question at some point. And you might have questioned your collection and extravagant spending after a spur-of-the-moment buying of a few pricey formal pants from your favorite store! Is it even possible to find an answer that’s true for most guys if not all? Well, we have tried to find an answer and it might surprise you. But let me make this clear first, shorts, track pants, joggers, and pajamas are not on this list of pants. What this does include are jeans, chinos, and formal pants. 

So the question, how many pants should an average guy own, has no straightforward answer and there’s no answer that’s universally applicable and correct to the degree of certainty. But there can be a reasonable approximation, an educated guess, not just a ballpark estimate. This approximation is important in helping you manage your space and budget as well as saving you from the paradox of choice. Now without further ado, let’s move on to the answer to this question: how many pants should a guy own?

The answer: 11 pairs of pants:

So 11 is our magic number this time. These 11 pairs of pants will make your life much easier and your wardrobe much less messed up. These 11 pairs will ensure, at the same time, that you never lag behind in your style game too while keeping your sanity intact. These 11 pairs of pants will be more than enough not only for an average guy but also for someone who’s quite serious about looking stylish and fashionable at all times.

The deets: Which 11 pants every guy should own?

Out of these 11 pairs, 5 are jeans. We have explained which jeans every guy should own in another article, 3 pairs of formal pants, a couple of Chinos, and a pair of special-purpose pants like cargo pants, camouflage pants, or maybe leather pants, if they are your thing

3 pairs of formal pants:

Let’s start it off with formal pants. It doesn’t matter what your profession or lifestyle is, you need to own a few dress pants. At the bare minimum, you should own at least 3 pairs of tailored dress pants, one in black and the other two in any color you prefer and you can easily pull off. The best practice will be to own three different suits (formal trousers and suit jackets), you will be using them in formal settings. These pants will be part of your smartest look, this means they should be of top-notch quality, fabric, stitching, and fit. This also means you choose them carefully, don’t shy away from spending money on them, and take good care of them. You will use these in your rotation with formal suits and business casual ensembles, and if you have chosen them carefully they will stay with you for a long time.

5 pairs of jeans.

5 pairs of jeans that every guy must own include a dark blue pair, a light blue one and one each in black and white respectively, and one pair of distressed jeans in any color, maybe grey. Jeans are more versatile and tough and offer more value for money. You’ll be able to use them with some of your suit jackets for some smarter outfits, this makes them so important from both functional and style points of view. If distressed jeans are not your cup of joe, you can drop them for a pair of dress pants especially when your personal choice leans towards the dressier end of the spectrum. This means you can own  4 pairs of dress pants and 4 pairs of jeans each. 

2 pairs of chinos.

Chinos are made from hardy cotton-based fabric. Most of the time chinos are used informally but this is not a rule. Slim-fit chinos work well when you mix and match the ingredients intelligently. Khakis are a must-have, every fashion-conscious guy needs to own them. The other pair can be of any color, pattern, or texture. Plaid chinos are very much in, owning a pair would be great for elevating any guy’s daily style. Chinos are informal pants and you will use them when you want to give those jeans a break. 

A pair of special-purpose pants.

What does that mean? Yes, the term “special purpose pants” does need some explanation. Well, by special purpose pants, we mean a pair that you’ll be using when you are engaged in activities that often keep you busy like hiking, camping, participating in music concerts, and partying and clubbing. It should be a pair of bottoms that you feel easy and relaxed in. It may be a pair of cargo pants, camouflage pants, leather pants, or any other pair of trousers that you think work best for you. 

Wrap-up: It all boils down to your lifestyle and the story you want to tell through your style. 11 pairs may be too few for someone addicted to presenting himself as the most fashionable guy in the room, for someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes fashion.  But, for most of us, this number is sufficient, you can look dapper and current like any other guy with these 11 pairs of bottoms in the closet. 


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