40 tank top outfit ideas for guys

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Summer is an exciting time, especially for people who live in cooler climes. This season brings with it fashions and outfits and vibes that are entirely different from fall and winter. In the dog days of summer, you want something breezy and breathable, this is where tank tops come in, these tank top outfit ideas will show you how to style these sleeveless shirts without looking sloppy. A sando (a cute Asian name for a Tank top in case you didn’t know) is no longer just for the gym or the beach. These sleeveless tops have now made their way into the world of men’s casual and streetwear fashion. Once considered a garb associated with bad boys not to be messed with, tank tops are now the foundation of some cool and comfortable summer outfits for nice fashionable urban men. Ease of use and practicality are just one side of the coin, tank tops are also trending because they look insanely attractive and sexy. Sandos with the correct fit and the right fabric looks great on all men, and these 40 tank top outfit ideas will give you some inspiration to create your own tank top outfit.

  1. Choose the right fit. A tank top should fit snugly but not too tightly. It should also be long enough to cover your belt loops. Making it easier for you to tuck in when needed
  2. Choose the right color. Solid colors and neutrals are always a safe bet, but you can also add some personality with a patterned tank top. A ringer tank top can be a great option, you can check this article to know more about styles and types of tank tops. 
  3. Opt for a suitable fabric. Suitable means breathable, stretchy, and comfortable, cotton ticks all the boxes.
  4. You can pair your tank top with shorts, jeans, joggers, and chinos, and go for footwear options that complement your look. 
  5. Add accessories like a baseball cap, a bucket hat, sunglasses, or a quirky bandana to complete your look.
  6. Take care of your grooming needs and especially if you think trimming your chest hair will make it for a better aesthetic then go for it. 

No matter how you style it, a tank top is a versatile piece that can be worn for any occasion.

Tank top outfit ideas for guys.

Here are some specific tank top outfit ideas for men.

Pairing a tank top with athleisure bottoms:

Tank tops are perfect for gym and working out, this role of a tank top springs to your mind whenever you think of styling one. You can pair a tank top with joggers for an athleisure street-style look or a loungewear option. 

1. Grey tank top, grey sweatpants, and white sneakers:

2. Tank top with black track pants with side stripes:

5. White tank top with pastel cargo joggers:

4. Tank top outfit ideas for men with gym shorts:

5. White tank tee with a pair of grey sweatpants:

Tank tops with shorts for a summery look:

Tank tops are the perfect beachwear option too. You can rock a tank top with a pair of denim shorts for a stylish summer resort outfit. 

6. Tank top with floral shorts:

Tank top outfit ideas for men,

Image source

Tank top outfit ideas for men,
Image source

Tank top with jeans and chinos:

For a street-style take on your tank top game, pair it with your favorite jeans, that pair of jeans you prefer to live in. Check out these tank tops with jeans outfit ideas for additional inspiration. Chinos, khakis, and cargo pants can be paired with a tank top for a cool casual ensemble suitable for any off-duty summer day.

7. Black tank top with black skinny jeans:

8. A floral tank top with skinny jeans:

Tank top outfit ideas for men,
image source

9. Black tank top with grey knee-ripped jeans:

10. Black tank top with camo pants:

11. Plain white tank top with dark chinos:

12. Plain white tank top with black skinny jeans:

13. Floral print tank top with cuffed-up dressed pants:

14. Black tank shirt with black cropped pants:

15. Tank top with skinny track pants:

15. Black tank shirt with distressed black denim plus black sneakers:

16. A tank top with grey slim-fit chinos.

17. A tank top in pastel hues with a pair of white chinos.

18. Pastel tank top with super skinny jeans:

Tank top outfit ideas for men,
image courtesy: Pinterest

19. A graphic muscle top with skinny jeans.

20. Tank top with acid wash jeans.

21. A white tank top tucked in with a pair of plaid chinos:

22. A black tank top with navy blue jeans, black leather combat boots, and a black cotton beanie up top:

23. Black tank top with black sports shorts:

24. Black side-slashed tank top with white chinos shorts:

25. Off-white tank tee with distressed blue denim shorts:

Guy in tank top and distressed denim shorts
Men’s tank top outfit ideas via

26. White tank top, white distressed denim shorts, and a sleeveless denim jacket:

Tank top outfit ideas for men,
A denim vest layered over a tank top and white distressed denim shorts together create a stylish casual summer outfit. Denim vest outfit ideas are perfect for summer and spring. via

27. Blue tank tee with black gym shorts:

28. Plain navy blue tank top with light blue gym shorts:

29. Tropical print tank top with matching shorts:

30. White tank top with grey Chino shorts:

31. White tank tee with pastel drawstring shorts:

32. Black tank top with black denim shorts:

33. Vertical striped tank top with white skinny shorts:

34. A black tank top with plain white shorts:

35. A black tank top with white shorts and a baseball hat up top.

36. A white tank top with black shorts and a Fedora hat up top.

37. A red tank top with a pair of orange shorts for a day at a summer resort:

38. A grey tank top with camo shorts:

39. A tank top with light blue denim shorts:

Tank top outfit ideas for men,
Denim shorts are a summer staple and together with a tank top, they form some of the most stylish denim shorts outfits.
Image source

40. A black tank top with khaki shorts:


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