vogueymen.com is a blog that aims to inspire men to dress better.  No matter what field of work you are in, no matter where you are from, and what your age, origin, and orientation, It’s a place where you, as a fashion-forward guy, can get the sartorial inspiration you are looking for. You can come here to liven up your style life and spark up your fashion imagination for styling both your day-to-day wardrobe staples and the rarest statement pieces.

Our contributors:

At present, we are a small team of writers, residing hundreds if not thousands of miles apart. The only thing that’s common between them is their powerful passion for fashion and keen curiosity for men’s sartorial tastes and temperaments.

Naz Pestonjee:

Naz is the man behind this endeavor, he is in his early thirties and is based in Dubai. Naz Pestonjee works as a lecturer at an international university, writes as a freelancer on a multitude of topics and niches, and is a wannabe novelist. Vogueymen is his brainchild and he wishes to expand it over time. Men’s fashion is what he writes passionately about. He spends hours daily searching for style stars and fashion phenoms on Instagram and finding inspiration, eulogizing the magic of style and making it known to the world with his words. 

Chuck Boylan:

Chuck also resides in Dubai, he’s originally from the Philippines. He’s a programmer by profession and a writer by passion, a nocturnal animal, and a big fan of nightlife, nighties, and nerdiness. A rehabilitated screenager, Chuck Boylan is a tech guy in the day and a chess player in the night. To sum it up, Chuck is just a nerdy guy with a healthy infatuation for everything stylish.

Shoaib Turk:

Shoaib is an educator and a freelance wordsmith who dreams about becoming a children’s writer and is inching closer to it every passing day. He writes on a wide array of topics, ranging from education to men’s fashion and lifestyle. He specifically specializes in listicles and product reviews that are rich in research and reverberate with the readers. 

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