34 nifty outfits with bandanas for men

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Outfit ideas with bandanas for guys.

Bandana, this funky square piece of fabric has become a real show stopper, standing out as the single most versatile piece in the realm of men’s fashion accessories. Styling with a bandana should be a walk in the park, but if its dazzling versatility has given you goosebumps, fret not! This collection of outfits with bandanas will help you navigate the sea of choices and rock that quirky kerchief the way you damn well please. If you’re a guy who’s always on the lookout for style and swag, you know that a bandana is a game-changer for casual fashion. No need to wait for Coachella to channel your inner pirate or gangster – a bandana outfit works anytime, anywhere. Nothing exudes effortless cool quite like a bandana, and these thirty-plus snazzy outfits provide all the style inspiration you need to create your own look or recreate one of these bandana-inspired ensembles for every fashion moment and mood.

Bandana Buzz: A quick style cheat sheet.

Well, let’s first have a quick look at styling a bandana the right way!

What outfits go with bandanas: 

When it comes to bandanas, the style spectrum is broad, spanning from super casual settings to those suited and booted outfits for formal occasions. The key lies in mastering the art of styling. Here’s how you can seamlessly incorporate bandanas into your wardrobe:

1. Dressier Delights: Neck Scarves, Neckbands, and Neckties

Elevate your dressier outfits by using a bandana as a neck scarf, neckband, or necktie. For a formal touch with a hint of rebellion, tie the bandana around your neck under the shirt collar—wave goodbye to those mundane neckties!

2. Casual Cool: Bandanas as Headbands and Headwraps 

Embrace the laid-back vibe by incorporating bandanas as headbands or head wraps for casual outfits. Scoutmaster or cowboy bandanas can add a vibrant touch to your smart-casual ensemble. Spice up a minimal tee shirt and jeans or shorts look by introducing a stylish bandana into the mix as a nifty bandana necktie.

3. Jazzing up the Classics: Bandanas with Button-Downs, Blazers, and Leather Jackets

Take your classic outfits up a notch by incorporating bandanas as neck scarves or neckties. Transform your casual tee or tank top outfit into something captivating by using a bandana as a headband and syncing it with the shirt for extra credit.

    With these quick style tips, you’ll be effortlessly rocking bandanas in any setting. Whether you’re aiming for a polished formal look or adding a touch of flair to your casual ensemble, the bandana is your go-to accessory for all occasions.

When should you wear a bandana?

You can nail the bandana look in any situation, provided that you choose the correct type of bandana style. A headband bandana is stylish in casual situations but it won’t look as good with dressier outfits. For smart dressing use the bandana as a neckband or a necktie, over the collar or under the collar. The cowboy or scarf style of the bandana looks great in every situation, it specifically looks stylish with smart casual outfits.

Making a bandana look better on you:

A bandana is often used to add a pop of color to the outfit, but some mixing and matching will change the game..

Rock it with a coordinated top:

  • When styling it as a headband, enhance the look by matching it with a tee or tank top. This simple pairing can instantly elevate your appearance. For a cohesive feel, select colors that complement or match your clothing.

Nail it with coordinated bottoms:

  • If not for shirts why not extend the coordination to your pants? A blue bandana can effortlessly complement blue jeans, creating a harmonious and stylish appearance. Likewise, earthy-toned bandanas pair seamlessly with khakis and camo pants, adding a touch of flair to your casual ensemble.

Keep the folds flawless and knots neat!

  • When opting for a more formal approach as a necktie or neckband, ensure a refined appearance. Keep the bandana well-folded and sleek for a polished look. And when going for knots, keeping them tight and neat contributes to the overall sophistication of your outfit.

By carefully considering these styling tips, you can transform a simple bandana into a versatile and stylish accessory that effortlessly enhances your overall look.

30 nifty outfits for men with bandanas.

Modern chic: The dressy take on Bandana style: 

Why not start from the most modern angle? Because this quirky street style accessory has brilliantly performed upward mobility, it has now triumphantly entered the realm of formal dressing. You can absolutely rock it with a tailored suit as a bandana necktie effectively ditching that overdone necktie. It’s perfect both ways, over and around the collar and underneath the collar. It works wonders over and around the collar, keeping things sharp, or underneath, saving your collar from a sweaty situation in warm weather – all while adding a touch of style and elegance. Check out these killer ensembles to get a clear picture!

Outfits with bandanas for guys
A casual blazer outfit with a Breton striped T-shirt and a nifty red bandana. Image source
Bandana outfits

Casual Bandana outfits.

A casual ensemble is made all the more interesting by this funky piece of fabric, no matter the season and setting you can spice up a casual outfit and take it to the next level with a well styled bandana. Now if looking badass with those usual bad boys like black biker jackets and skinny jeans is part of your game plan, then a bandana will do the rest for you, in helping you ace the bad boy aesthetic like a street style pro. And you can let your styling imagination do the work. And there are more than a dozen ways to rock this quirky accessory so it’s time to let your imagination go wild and make your casual style even more badass!

Bandana outfits

Simple Bandana Outfits for men. 

Simplicity and minimalism, meet the colorful charm of a bandana! While it might seem like a stretch to talk about simplicity with such a quirky and versatile accessory that can be worn in more than a dozen ways, achieving a minimalist look with staples and a bandana is not only possible but seriously cool. Imagine a clean ensemble – white shirt, black pants, minimalist white sneakers – and then, bam! Introduce the bandana, turning a basic outfit into a festival-ready look. The bandana is that ace up your sleeve, elevating your style game effortlessly. Ready to make it the MVP of your ensemble? Dive into these examples of simple bandana outfits for men!

Outfits with bandanas for guys
A white and black bandana on the neck with a white baseball cap and a white button-down shirt tucked in a pair of relaxed-fit black pants
Image source

Outfits with bandanas on head: 

The headband bandana is all the rage, especially in the casual wear and festival scenes (hello, Coachella vibes!). Fashion enthusiasts can’t get enough of its charm when worn as a headband. This accessory practically shouts nonchalance and effortlessly takes your style game up a notch. If you’re rocking some long, rebellious locks, it’s your go-to on a scorching day – doubling as a cool sweatband. Beyond its proven practicality, using a bandana as a headband is a bold fashion statement. Ready to dive into some outfit inspiration? Check out these examples!

Outfits with bandanas for guys
A khaki pants outfit with a denim shirt and a matching khaki bandana.
Image source

Summer Bandana outfits.

Summer is the prime time to rock a bandana as a functional accessory – believe it or not, this quirky piece with gangsta-inspired paisley prints has a practical side! Whether it’s worn as a headband, a neck scarf, or neatly tucked under your polo or linen shirt collar as a necktie, it not only looks sharp but also fights off those sweaty summer struggles. Rock it with that beachy outfit of yours or just a simple tank top outfit to add a pop of color or just a tiny extra layer. It’s the perfect blend of cool and practical. Check out these summer outfits with bandanas for the full picture!

Outfits with bandanas on the head for guys
A quirky bandana with a tank top with jeans outfit, that non-chalant summer look.
Image source
Bandana outfits

Going shirtless with just a pair of jeans and a headband bandana in summer is, well, just for the select few.


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