7 shirts that help you nail the smart casual suit look without a tie.

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7 shirts for smart casual suit outfits

There are times when you want to dress down that ultra-formal three-piece suit and give that necktie a break. You want something that works in most situations, sufficiently dressy to rock at a party or as an option for the office, and effortlessly easy to pull off when hitting the boulevard. A suit sans dress shirt and tie is what you are looking for! It’s an option that always works, is always stylish and on-trend, and is not too demanding when it comes to styling. Dressing down a suit is simple, just swap out the tie and dress shirt with some other less formal shirt. There are shirts that can help you create a refined and laid-back look with a suit without a tie, a look that is both smart and casual. 

Suits without ties outfits for guys.
A white tee matched with white sneakers with a suit is a timeless look, but it’s not the only game in town! Salah_ahmed1800

Now that you have finally decided to ditch the tie and embrace the smart casual suit look, it’s time to consider the choice of your shirts. A tee or a casual button-down is not the only game in town! There are other shirts that can make your casual suit stylish. Here is the list of 7 shirts (other than a button-down) that you can layer under your suit jacket to help you nail the casual suit look without a tie. 

1. A t-shirt with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

The tee shirt should obviously be your number one choice when you are thinking of dressing down the suit look. A tee in neutrals ( preferably white or black) is so easy to style with a suit. Opting for a pair of shoes that match your tee in color is a great way to rock the smart casual suit without a tie look. A pair of white sneakers and a white one always work with any suit in any fabric, texture, or color. 

2. A polo shirt with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

A rather dressier take on the suit without a tie, especially as compared to the tee with a suit combo, a polo shirt with a suit is the choice for you if you are looking for a smarter outfit. Again a polo shirt in neutrals will always work. A black polo shirt can be effortlessly combined with any suit. With black, use a black leather belt, if you use one. Otherwise, opt for black shoes to match the polo for a sophisticated look. 

3. A floral shirt with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

A floral print shirt can broaden your style spectrum, and you can use it with the suit of your choice for a preppy smart casual look. Suits in lighter hues work best with floral print shirts. This look is great for weddings, dining out, and late-night parties. 

4. A turtleneck or a mock neck with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

A mock neck or a turtleneck is your best bet when you want to skip the tie and shirt without going too informal. A suit with a turtleneck is equally suited for formal or casual situations. You can rock this iconic turtleneck suit every day to your place of work and can be the best-dressed guy in the office if your choice of turtleneck is good enough. 

5. A hoodie or a sweatshirt with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

You can layer your favorite hoodie under your suit to dress down the suit for a fun twist on your street style. This can add a pop of color to your suit outfit if you like your hoodies to be in non-neutral hues, and it always works. 

6. A denim shirt with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

You can layer a denim shirt under your suit jacket and dress down the suit for a dapper look.  You can spread the denim shirt collar out on the blazer lapels, or you can just leave it just like a button-down. A blue denim shirt works with a suit of any color, fabric, texture, or style. 

7. A Cuban collar shirt with a suit:

Suits without ties outfits for guys.

For a more relaxed take on the smart casual suit, use a Cuban collar shirt with a suit. Also known as a camp collar or pajama collar shirt, a Cuban shirt is always worn with the collar outside the blazer lapel. Sub the dress shirt and tie with a Cuban collar shirt with prints or patterns and you are ready for your first date.


Should I tuck in my tee when wearing it under a suit jacket or blazer?

You should, when you are aiming for a smarter outfit. You can wear a tee untucked under a suit jacket when the tee is oversized and you are looking for an ultra-casual street style look. Tucking in the tee with beltless pants with a crisp blazer up top gives structure and dimension to this dressy yet laid-back outfit comprising a suit without a tie. 

Should I button my suit jacket up when wearing it casually?

There’s no hard and fast rule about it. It all depends on your personal style. You can keep your blazer unbuttoned in informal situations for a more relaxed feel. In social settings where you want a more formal look, buttoning up the blazer is a good idea.

How do you wear a suit without a tie?:

Fortunately, you can do this in a multitude of ways, it’s exceedingly simple to create a stylish outfit without a tie. Ditch the tie and sub the Oxfords with sneakers, loosen your collar a bit, and you are ready as Freddie with your business casual look without a tie. You can choose from a long list of tops including but not limited to tees, turtlenecks, hoodies, floral print shirts, band collar shirts, polos, and hoodies. Keep the accessories to a minimum, prefer neutrals, and focus on color coordination. Matching your shoes with the shirt is always a good idea. 

What do you wear with a casual suit?

You have to replace the dress shirt and tie with a tee, a mock neck, or a casual camp collar shirt. Sneakers, Chelsea boots, and other informal shoes replace the Oxfords and the belt is skipped to dress down the suit.

What kind of t-shirt do you wear with a suit?

Opt for neutrals to make things easier for you. Use a tee that can be complemented by shoes. If you have a few pairs of white sneakers go for a white tee to use with the suit. Similarly, a black tee will work with every suit when teamed with a pair of black leather shoes. A tee in earthy tones will always be the choicest option, as it works in almost every situation and it will be easy to match with your shoes.

How to wear a suit every day?

You will have to dress it down a bit to use it every day in every situation. A suit where the formal button-down is replaced by a tee or mock neck can be worn any time of year, anywhere in any setting. A casual suit is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces that always works for everyone no matter what the body type and personal style.


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