How many pairs of underwear should a guy own?

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How many pairs of underwear should a guy own?

Very few of us love to talk about our undies, right? Because obviously they are so intimate and private and hide so many of our manly secrets. The question of how many pairs of underwear should a guy own, begs a few more questions. Like how many times you change them, what quality of undies you often buy, and questions related to your rotation and laundry cycle and whether you love engaging in freeballing sometimes! Most men wear a pair of underwear for only a day, and this makes it a constant factor. Now talking of other variables, you can easily say that giving a verdict or a definite number as an answer to the question, of how many underpants should a guy own gets a little somewhat tricky. Some guys tend to be vigilant in doing their personal laundry and some are wary of visiting the laundromat even after weeks. But no one can keep piling up dirty laundry in their closets forever, not even the lazybones. So taking all factors into consideration we have found the magic number, a number that’ll work for most men if not all. 

You’d love to know: 

 There’s about a tenth of a gram of poop in the average pair of underwear,” source: Dr. Charles Gerba via The Cut.

The magic number: 15 

Every guy should own at least 15 pairs of underwear, briefs, or boxers. 15 is a sufficient number for any man. It would be possible for you to use a fresh pair daily. 

Why 15?

A man must wear a fresh pair of briefs or boxers every day. 15 is a safe number because this will allow you to use a fresh and clean pair every day for two consecutive weeks! This is a comfortable number and it suits everyone, from an average Joe to an Instagram phenom. You can find a pair of underwear in a cornucopia of styles, It may can be hard for some to choose from. But you can always opt for the basic and classic styles like the classic briefs. It turns out every guy must own 15 pairs of underwear to keep things up and running from the sartorial perspective.

How often should you change your underwear?

Experts, health professionals, and fashion gurus alike, agree that a man should change his underwear every day. No one should use a pair of briefs or boxers for two consecutive days because after 24 hours the sweat and bacterial build-up will pose a few severe health risks. After you have spent your day from nine to five in your fresh and clean pair, it doesn’t remain clean and fresh at the end of your day. No matter how clean and considerate you have been, sweat, moisture, and possibly urine and fecal matter in some cases, have all conspired to soil your neat and fresh pair of undies. Bacterial build-up and smell will finally set in. So it’s the wisest thing for every guy to change his pair of briefs or boxers, whatever he prefers to wear after a day’s work. The only exception one can think of is the possibility of having separate pairs of undies for day and night. In this can you can use a pair for another day, but this practice is for those guys who take good care of their below-the-belt hygiene. 

Replacing your underwear:

Will you keep wearing your holey underwear for months? An underwear that is discolored and frayed? No, you’ll have to replace it with a fresh one to keep your collection up-to-date. It’s advisable to retire a few pairs that you have used quite often, after 7 or 8 months. But it will ultimately depend on the fabric quality that will decide how long you can use a pair. A quality pair of underwear will last longer than a year or maybe even longer. It’s always better to buy the quality stuff because they’ll last longer, and they’ll be gentle and friendly to your skin and “assets”. 

Trivia time:

Some Americans celebrate National Underwear Day on the 5th of August every year. Image source

Why is it important to have a sufficient collection of undies at all times?

Well, because you never know, a day comes in every bachelor’s life when he’s out of fresh supplies of underwear. Your underwear drawer may be filled with used and unwashed undies. To avert such mishaps you not only need to have a sufficient stock of undies available but you also need to have a faithfully followed laundering cycle. With our suggested 15 pairs of underwear, you can settle for a laundry day every Sunday or even every alternate Sunday. 



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