11 types of men’s beanies.

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types of men's beanies.

Are you looking for some information about types of beanies, those knits for your noggin? If yes, then you should stay on this page for some moments, as we’ll be talking about some 11 types of this head-hugging hat of winter. Beanies or knit caps are popular winter hats, they have been around for a long time, and you can rock one stylishly with a fall or winter outfit. Once a kids-only hat, beanies have now become one of the fall fashion staples for adults, men, and women alike. Beanies have evolved over the years, and they can now be found in multiple styles and fabrics. If you care one bit about that beaner of yours, you gotta keep it safe from the icy winds of winter, and for this, you gotta own a dependable woolly hat. Because catching a cold is one of the winter woes every man is wary of, a cozy beanie is that time-tested solution known for warding off the cold. Even if you live in a place where winters are not that inclement, you may need a beanie to spend away some bad hair days. We promised to introduce you to 11 types of beanies, and we will, but let’s first have a look at a brief note, a sort of disambiguation.

Naming the names: A beanie is a relatively modern term for the knit hat, and like an awful lot of modern English terms, it’s an American term. In the good old days, a beanie was called a stocking hat, stocking cap, or watch cap. In Texas, they still call it a toboggan, Brits call it a woolly hat and Canajuns on the other hand pronounce it a toque or a tuque. These are just a handful of names they use for a beanie, but this shouldn’t confuse you one bit, they all refer to the same knit cap that we call a beanie. 

 Now without further ado, we’ll move straight ahead to our list. 

1. Fisherman beanie: 

types of men's beanies

This beanie is rolled up at the ends and it only covers the top of your head(barely more than your crown). As the name suggests, this type of beanie was originally worn by fishermen while working on the open seas. The beanie doesn’t cover the ears, this allows for communication during fishing excursions and also provides some protection to the head from direct sun rays. You can unfold it to protect your ears from cold winds when needed. According to Gear Patrol, the history of fisherman beanies dates back to the mid-19th century, when sailors of the British Navy wore them during their field operations, and they called them watch caps.

2. Cuffed beanie: 

types of men's beanies

This knit cap has a length that is folded backward or cuffed providing extra warmth to the head and forehead. This cozy beanie is more suited for colder weather as the double layer acts as a protective shield against icy winds. A cuffed beanie, like any other knit hat, can be found in a number of materials like wool, cotton, fleece, and acrylic. Some have a fleece lining inside to provide additional insulation and warmth. 

3. Cuffless beanie:

types of men's beanies

As the name suggests, a cuffless beanie doesn’t support a cuffed opening. It is a short-length beanie and is close-fitting and snug. Some people call it a scullie, but it’s a different type of headwear despite being similar in so many ways. This short version of beanie comes in many materials, wool, acrylic, and fleece top the list. 

4. Brimmed beanie or visor beanie: 

types of men's beanies

This type features a brim or visor just like a baseball cap. This makes it very similar to a baseball cap, some call it a knitted version of it. This is a classic example of two in one situation, as it kills two birds with one stone. It keeps your block warm and keeps your eyes protected from sun rays too on days that are chilly and bright and sunny at the same time. 

5. Slouchy beanie: 

types of men's beanies

This one comes with a long length and it is worn without cuffing or folding. The blog Hatrealm describes a slouchy beanie as a beanie with extra material hanging at the back of the head. The backside hangs loose and it is the most casual style of wearing a beanie. The slouchy style of the beanie is popular as a streetwear option for people with a hipstery sense of style. If you are after a headwear accessory with that touch of hipster swag, a slouchy beanie may just be the right choice. 

6. Ear-flap beanies: 

types of men's beanies

Earflap beanies sport additional fabric covering the ears. Ear-flap beanies are no longer a children’s only accessory. More tailored versions of these beanies exist for grown-up guys too. They provide protection to your ears against cold and are pretty stylish as well.

7. Bobble/pom-pom beanie.

types of men's beanies

What is that beanie with a puff ball on top called? A pom-pom beanie or a bobble beanie! It’s just one of the types of beanies with a cute furry ball at the top. This hat is not for you if you belong to that group of unfortunate men who hate soft, fluffy, and, ahem, round things. Well, never mind, this pom-pom won’t make you look like a cutesy-wootsy man child, believe me, fashionable guys sometimes wear a bobble hat and look great. 

8. Skullie, skull cap: 

types of men's beanies

A skullie is essentially a close-fitting short beanie made from soft thin fabric. This snug knit hat is almost always uncuffed but finding a cuffed one is not too rare. A scullie is different from a scull cap, which is shorter, more close-fitting, and is activity-specific like swimming, cycling, and praying (Muslim/Jewish prayer). A scullie often covers most of your forehead and ears, is less bulky, very snug, and is often made from thin fabric.

9. Hat scarf beanie: 

types of men's beanies

Hat scarf Beany is a super-functional yet equally stylish version of our beanies, as it adeptly combines the hat and winter scarf/neck warmer. A beanie with an attached (maybe detachable) neck warmer is what we are talking about, this hat scarf is that sure-fire protection against icy winds when on the go in winter.  The tubelike neck warmer together with a cozy beany is the perfect recipe for protection against the wrath of winter. 

10. Rivet beanie:

types of men's beanies

We have now moved onto the more fashionable page of our beanies saga! A rivet beanie, you guessed it, sports ornamental rivets which makes this serious accessory more interesting for those interested in stylishly expressive headwear options. This type of beanie is favored by guys with a taste for hipster and grunge style. 

11. Metal ring skullie: 

types of men's beanies

This is one of the types of beanies that is characterized by the presence of one or more ornamental rings at the edge of the hat. Single-ringed is the most popular version of this quirky knit hat for men. If you do it right, it can be that cherry on top of your fashionable fall fit while hitting the leaf-strewn boulevard. 

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