Redefine your fashion passion: 30 baggy jeans outfits for guys.

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Baggy jeans outfits

Guys, let’s face it, men’s obsession with the skinny fit is waning if not going away altogether. The fashion pendulum, it seems, has started tilting towards the other side, the baggy side, you guessed it! Here’s the thing, you need not be a hardcore skinny jeans-hating Zoomer to go for these wide-legged denim jeans, they are becoming popular among every demographic and every aesthetic of men’s fashion. Check out this collection of 30 insanely cool baggy jeans outfits to channel your inner nonchalance in a seriously voguish way. Before diving in, why not have some more talk about styling these bad boys? 

Baggy jeans style guide.

So what exactly are baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans are one of the types and styles of jeans that are loose-fitting and have a wide leg. These jeans have a fitted top, front, and seat but they progressively become wider down the length of the legs, imperceptibly flared but visibly different from flared jeans or bell bottoms. They’re the polar opposite of those snug-fitting numbers, a real throwback to the ’90s and early 2000s, and guess what, they’re making a big comeback.

Baggy jeans can be a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down. With a little creativity, you can craft a variety of stylish looks with baggy jeans with a touch of your own unique style.

How to style baggy jeans?

The fit: It’s important to find the right amount of “bagginess” that complements your style and doesn’t make you uncomfortable. If these jeans happen to be too baggy they can give you a tough time performing simple daily routines like walking a few steps. The right fit is important because you don’t want to be a fashion victim after all. Comfort comes first, we can’t emphasize it enough, with all due respect to your love for trendifying your style. So what’s the right fit then? Right fit means your baggy jeans should be fitted at the top so that you can go beltless and you don’t have to pull them up every now and then giving that nagging impression of sagging pants.  And they shouldn’t be that baggy at the bottom to entangle your feet and tip you over. It’s important to consider your body type when creating a baggy jeans statement. If you are a guy with a lean build, it’s better to steer clear of jeans that are ultra-baggy. 

Making baggy jeans look better on you:

Pair them with a fitted top. A fitted top will help to balance out the looseness of the jeans. Choose a top that is flattering to your body type and that you feel comfortable in.

Accessories can do wonders, they say. For your baggy jeans outfits, accessories like belts, necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches, matching headgear, and bandanas, can help you add personality and a pop of color to the outfit. Just don’t overdo it; we’re aiming for spice, not overkill. To look great in your baggy jeans outfits, the choice of shoes is important, yes shoes do matter. Chunky and casual footwear is the name of the game here – leave the dressy, slim, and pointy stuff at home.

What to wear with baggy jeans?

Like any other pair of jeans, baggy jeans can be styled in a myriad of ways, depending on season, occasion, and mood. It also depends on the style, color, and wash of baggy jeans, the more faded, distressed, and baggier the jeans the more casual they are. Here are your options when considering tops to pair with baggy jeans.

  1. Oversized tees, fitted polo shirts, and casual button-downs.
  2. Cropped jackets like a close-fitting denim jacket, Moto jacket, or any other jacket you like.
  3. Puffer jackets, puffer vests, sweaters, and hoodies.

avoid pairing your baggy jeans with a tailored blazer, or even a formal topcoat unless you are sure enough to pull them off without looking out of touch with fashion basics. 

30 baggy jeans outfit ideas.

Baggy jeans outfits for summer:

These loose-fitting denims are a summer dream – less constricting, and more breathable. Keep it simple with a solid tee, polo, and some fresh kicks, and you’re good to go. Like any pair of jeans, baggy jeans when styled minimally, with a solid tee or polo and a matching pair of kicks, work perfectly for everyone anywhere. 

Baggy jeans outfit with a blazer:

The blazer and jeans combination is no stranger to the men’s fashion arena. Rocking the legendary blend of rugged and refined with your blazer and baggy jeans combo – it’s like the Batman and Robin of fashion, but with more denim. Now, to nail the look, grab a blazer that hugs you in all the right places, none of that overly loose business. For the shirt game, the world is your oyster – plain tees, polos, floral shirts, hoodies, and even mock necks; they’re all cheering for a grand entrance into the baggy jeans and blazer party. So, strut your stuff, because this style is your fashion playground!

Baggy jeans with blazers outfit ideas

Denim on denim with baggy jeans:

Embarking on the denim-on-denim journey is like diving into a fashion rollercoaster—seriously thrilling, a tad daring, and oh-so challenging! Picture this: you’ve got this extra baggy swag going on, adding a whole new dimension to the denim game. Now, brace yourself and take a glimpse at these outfits that are bound to ignite a sartorial spark in your imagination. Because let’s face it, denim-on-denim isn’t just an outfit choice; it’s a style adventure waiting to happen! 🌟👖

Double denim with baggy jeans

Baggy jeans outfits for winter:

And guess what? Baggy jeans are winter-approved, too. Loose clothes trap in that precious warmth, so layer intelligently, pick your colors, accessorize, and you’re all set to rock this pouchy style of men’s jeans. 

Baggy jeans outfits men's winter

With vests:

Vests are like the superheroes of your closet, seriously! There’s a sleeveless wonder for every vibe – be it a cozy sweater vest, a cool denim buddy, or a quilted sidekick. And get this, you can totally rock them with these baggy jeans to shake things up a bit. Want to take your baggy jeans-style saga to the next level? Throw on a sweater vest and own it! Feeling daring? Team up a denim vest and level up that double denim swag. Dive into these baggy jeans outfit ideas and let the style adventure begin! 🚀✨

How do guys wear baggy jeans?

The baggy jeans aesthetic:

The baggy jeans aesthetic you opt for really is a matter of your taste. If the post-pandemic soft boy aesthetic is your cup of tea, these baggy jeans should be your choice. Go for slim-fit polos and tuck ’em in for that contemporary soft boy aesthetic you are craving. When the weather gets somewhat cold, go one step further and toss on a fitted short-length or cropped jacket and put on chunky shoes to style this look to perfection. For a rebellious grunge twist to your casual style, you can go for a bulky and oversized top, and accessorize the look accordingly to make it even more badass. These outfits will be intriguing for your sartorial imagination and maybe help you excite your fashion intuition. 

The soft boy look:

The post-pandemic soft boy aesthetic? It’s like a breath of fresh air—liberating and just a hint of challenging. Trust me, every guy with a smidge of fashion sense is low-key confessing to this vibe. Ready for the juicy part? Dive into these outfit ideas where the baggy aesthetic takes the spotlight.

The grunge take with baggy jeans:

Feeling a bit grunge? Opt for an oversized top, accessorize like a boss, and rock that rebellious casual style. These outfits are a go!

Baggy jeans outfits


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