25 different types of casual shirts for men

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The staple in your wardrobe that’s often underestimated but always overused is a casual shirt. A casual shirt is available in a cornucopia of styles and iterations of which we’ll be talking about 25 different types of casual shirts for men. You need casual shirts because you want to feel relaxed and still look good when spending your off-duty time. A list of casual shirts should essentially include staples like T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and tank tops, we’ll discuss them one by one in some detail. Casual shirts occupy an important spot in every man’s wardrobe as they play such an important role in making you feel stylishly comfortable in your downtime, so knowing more about them is totally worth it.

With that said, we’ll proceed to our definitive list of 25 different types of casual shirts, with 5 broad categories. You may already have some of these 25 different casual shirts in your wardrobe and this list might inspire you to add a few more and enrich your casual collection. Now, it’s time to get going on our list without further ado.

A. T-shirts

When it comes to casual shirts, a T-shirt is the undisputed king. Nothing is more ubiquitous, versatile, and sought-after in men’s casual wear than a neat and nifty tee. Tees are available in a number of styles, but this article lists the 5 types of tees that are the most common and widely used.

6 types of men's T shirts, types of men's tees
types of men’s tees

1. Plain black or white T-shirt:

plain white or plain black T-shirt is a wardrobe essential, indispensable for both their utility and versatility. Other colors in plain t-shirts are equally versatile and useful for casual and streetwear settings. There are other varieties of plain T-shirts that you can choose from. Crew neck or V- neck are the two main species in T-shirts, you can choose the one of your liking. Ringer T-shirts and Raglan collar T-shirts are the types you should think to include in your wardrobe. 

2. Graphic/printed T-shirt:

Printed and graphic tees come in an enormous variety, this tribe of tees has something for everyone. This casual shirt can help you express yourself more openly, the prints and graphics you choose can actually tell your story and can convey your aesthetic preferences. Every wardrobe must have a collection of graphic tees to ace the art of street style. 

3. Henley:

Henley is simply a T-shirt that has a 3 to 5 inches long front placket that may or may not have buttons. Henleys are essentially collarless polo shirts and are one of the most popular casual shirts. Ideal for warm days, they can be worn with almost any kind of trousers and shorts. They can have long sleeves or short sleeves or no sleeves at all. 

4. Polo shirt:

Also called a tennis shirt, a polo shirt is a collared T-shirt, with a 2 to 3 inches long frontal placket having 2 or 3 buttons. Originally used by polo players in India, this sport shirt carved its way to other sports fields notably golf and tennis. This timeless shirt is a wardrobe essential and it can be used in a number of ways with jeans, chinos, and shorts.  

5. A raglan T-shirt:

Named after a British Lord Raglan (1788 – 1855) in the Crimean War, a raglan tee is a T-shirt that features diagonal seams starting from the neckline to the underarm area. The sleeves and the body are always in different and often contrasting colors. This timeless shirt can be worn by people of all ages and genders.

B. Button-down shirts.

Button-down shirts or button-front shirts are a staple piece both in casual or formal dressing situations. There are casual outfits in all seasons that are unimaginable without a preppy button-up shirt. Nothing can replace this shirt and owning a few for casual wear is an absolute must for every man. There are shirts like the tropical floral shirts, and the short-sleeved camp shirts, that add value to your summer fashion recipe. Here goes the list of five types of casual button-up shirts for guys.

5 essential button down shirts for men, 5 casual shirts for men, types button down casual shirts for men
5 types of button-down casual shirts

6. Oxford cloth button-down shirt:

Oxford cloth button-down shirt is one of the must-haves for guys, they are a wardrobe imperative that cater to your dressing needs ranging from formal to casual occasions.  

What is an Oxford shirt?: A dress shirt made from oxford cloth, oxford cloth is a particular weave somewhat like canvas cloth, in which several yarns, rather than individual yarns are woven together. Why do you need them in your wardrobe?: Oxford shirts are an essential staple in the formal realm of men’s clothing but they are equally important as casual wear. You can incorporate your oxford shirt in almost any casual ensemble and complement your style statement…

7. Checkered/plaid flannel shirt:

What is a checkered flannel shirt? Flannel is a cloth woven from, and can possibly have an admixture of cotton or synthetic fiber. Checkered or plaid flannel shirts have square-shaped colored patterns or alternate light and dark patches. The plaid flannel resembles the iconic Scottish tartan design.

Why do you need them in your wardrobe? Checkered flannel shirts are great for casual wear, often worn unbuttoned over tees or undershirts. A checkered flannel shirt can be worn in so many ways across all seasons. It’s one of the most versatile and stylish shirts that never goes out of style.

3. Revere collar/Cuban collar shirt: 

What is a revere/Cuban collar shirt?: A Cuban collar shirt features the namesake Cuban collar, also called the Revere collar. Cuban collar is a flat v-shaped collar resembling the notch lapel on a blouse, the pajama shirt collar, or even the blazer jacket. This open and relaxed collar renders a Cuban collar shirt the class and comfiness it is known for.

Why do you need them in your wardrobe?: Cuban collar shirts are a staple piece to accompany you to your favorite beach or your favorite holiday destination in the tropics. A Cuban collar shirt in floral designs is the very part and parcel of your vacation wardrobe collection if you intend to enjoy the bountiful sunshine in the tropics. Cuban collar shirts are often but not always short-sleeved and are a valued component of a smart casual outfit.

9. Mandarin collar shirts or Kurta shirts: 

What is a Mandarin collar shirt?: A Mandarin collar shirt, known as a Kurta shirt in India, is basically a casual shirt with a band collar (that is known as a Mandarin collar). A Mandarin collar is a narrow and short upright band-shaped collar that doesn’t fold. A Mandarin collar shirt is known by various names, Mao shirt, grandad shirt, choker-collar shirt, and Nehru shirt are a few other terms used for the same thing.

Why do you need them in your wardrobe?: Mandarin collar shirts are a cool alternative to a tee or a button-down shirt. It looks equally stylish with jeans, shorts, or chinos. A Mao shirt layered with a crisp blazer is a supremely trendy look these days. A Mao shirt these days is almost as versatile as a normal button-down shirt, there are other amazing variations available like Mandarin collar Henleys and polos. Enrich your wardrobe with a few chic Mao shirts and diversify your collection of shirts.

10. Tropical shirt/Aloha shirt: What is a tropical shirt?:

Tropical shirts are known by multiple monikers like Aloha shirts or Hawaiian shirts. These casual shirts are button-down shirts with spread collars, bright floral prints, and often very short sleeves. Camp shirts or cabana shirts that closely resemble Aloha shirts are almost indistinguishable from them. These tropical shirts are the staple of men’s casual wear in warmer climes.

Why do you need them in your wardrobe? Tropical shirts, just like Cuban collar shirts are ideal for a beach party or for some festival in the summer. Can be worn with shorts, dress pants, or chinos tucked or untucked. Ideal for summer to have some fun in the sun, Hawaiian shirts can be worn as a part of smart casual party outfits in the warmer season.

C. Sweatshirts and hoodies. 

A sweatshirt is only slightly different from a tee, it is a collarless pullover made of soft, thick, and heavy cotton or other synthetic material and it almost always has long sleeves. Popular as an athletic wear, a sweatshirt is an important component in men’s casual wear. A hoodie on the other hand is simply a hooded sweatshirt, a staple in men’s casual wear and an extremely versatile piece of attire in men’s wardrobes. Again, a hoodie is available in a range of styles, we’ll list the ones that are the most common and popular.

5 types of sweatshirts for men.
5 types of sweatshirts for men.

11. Simple v-neck or round-neck sweatshirt:

A simple v-neck or round-neck sweatshirt can be used in so many exciting ways in your casual style. A sweatshirt is to your winter collection what the tee is to your summer collection. Great as a layering piece for cooler times, a sweatshirt is the best companion for your jeans and chinos in any season. 

12. High-neck sweatshirt/ a turtleneck:

A high-neck sweatshirt or simply a high-neck is very much in style these days. Nothing looks chicer than a high-neck under a trench coat or a long coat these days. A black high-neck coupled with a black pair of skinny jeans with a biker jacket in contrasting shades can literally be your “la plus chic” combo this fall.

13. Pullover hoodie:

A minimal pullover hoodie is something that completes your casual wear repertoire, it’s something that can be used in so many ways. Great for all seasons in its own right, a hoodie is a cuddly layering piece with biker jackets, long coats, and blazers. Nothing works better than a trendy pullover hoodie worn under a bomber for a youthful urban-looking street style.

14. Zippered hoodie:

A zippered hoodie works more or less the same way as its non-zippered cousin. A button-down checkered shirt hoodie is another trendier version worth trying. Zippered hoodies can be coupled with tees or sweatshirts for a warmer combination in the fall. 

15. Sleeveless hoodie:

A sleeveless version of a hoodie is a rugged bad-boyish choice for your streetwear wardrobe. Once deemed to be ideal only as gym wear, our sleeveless hoodie is as trendy as any other hoodie. You can throw on your sleeveless hoodie over a tee or without any layering piece, it looks great even if you don’t have biceps like Rocky Balboa to show off.

D. Sleeveless shirts: 

sleeveless shirts have been important as men’s underwear, they are known by various names. A sleeveless shirt is also called an undershirt, a vest, a tank top, or a singlet. Like the tee shirt, the tank top was once strictly viewed as an undergarment but this view has changed over the years. A tank top is now considered fashionable outerwear, a shirt in its own right. Here are five types of sleeveless shirts, owning some of them can spice up your summer style. We’ll list only 5 types of sleeveless shirts that are the most common and popular, for a detailed description read this article on types of men’s tank tops.  

Types of tank tops for men, types of sleeveless shirts for men.
5 Types of sleeveless shirts for men.

16. Simple Tank Tops(A-shirts):

A simple tank top resembles the classic undershirt, it is known by a number of names. A plain tank top that comes with a scoop-neck or a round neck, is a trendy summer outerwear for men that can be worn with shorts, joggers, or jeans. A tank top is valued not only as gym wear but as a trendy casual wear for summer.

17. A tank tee/muscle shirt:

A tank tee or a muscle shirt is simply a tee without sleeves. A sleeveless tee is probably one of the favorite shirts of fitness-savvy guys. It is a super sexy top for guys who are sensitive about their sinews and who care to show them off and win compliments. 

18. Speghety-strap tank top:

A Spaghetti-strap tank, as the name suggests, is a tank top with narrow straps and wide arm-holes. This type of tank top is popular with guys who want to show off their well-toned biceps and are proud of their shaved chests! It’s a pretty handy shirt to showcase all the hard work you put into building your muscles. 

19. Mesh/sheer tank tops:

A mesh or sheer tank top is one made of soft see-through fabric, this simple skimpy tank top is ideally suited to those gym-savvy guys who are not afraid to offer their torsos for public scrutiny and perhaps admiration! 

20. Side-slashed tanktops:

This is an even more revealing kind of tank top with very wide arm holes to expose the sides of your torso all the way down to the waist. Slashed tank tops are popular as an exotic departure from the norm and are an exciting option for the beach and festivals. 

E. Over-shirts or shirt jackets.

Overshirts are a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket, they are also called shirt jackets and less popularly shackets and even less commonly a shirt-jac. Overshirts are admired by fashionistas for being one of the most versatile shirts that you can hang in your closet. The website “ape to gentleman” maintains that an overshirt belongs to the group of garments that are uber-versatile all-stars. FASHION BEANS admire the overshirt for being the answer to man’s spring and autumnal woes. One thing is clear, no one can underestimate the importance of overshirts that almost always remain seasonally appropriate. Here is a list of 5 essential overshirts for men.

Types of overshirts for men, types of shirt jackets for men

21. Denim overshirt:

A denim overshirt, a hybrid between a denim jacket and a shirt, is a uniquely versatile and stylish piece. Great for all seasons, a denim shacket can be worn all year round within a wide range of outfits and ensembles. Like a denim jacket, a denim overshirt is the coolest top you can utilize as casual wear for days and seasons that are not too severe in temperature.

22. Padded flannel overshirt:

A padded or quilted flannel shirt jacket is one of the most popular overshirts for fashion-forward guys. A quilted flannel shirt jacket is a classy and cool option for cooler seasons, it keeps the wearer warm without looking shabby or overly dressy. A great option to wear with almost any kind of bottoms with matching shades and hues. A  quilted flannel overshirt never fails to impress even in the style department, it’s youthful, trendy, and fashionable as a casual-wear top. 

23. Zip-up overshirt:

A zippered over shirt is slightly less common as compared to its buttoned cousin, but it certainly is a comfy and cool version of an overshirt. A zip-up overshirt is closer in resemblance to a jacket rather than a shirt, as such it can be worn more like a jacket and fits in a far greater number of outfits. A zip-up overshirt is just like a jacket in appearance and functionality, save the fact that a jacket is of a thicker and warmer fabric than an overshirt.

24. Camouflage overshirts:

A camo overshirt is a popular choice for guys who are in love with military-inspired outfits. This type of overshirt goes well with both jeans and chinos. A stylish camouflage overshirt mixes well with khaki shorts or chinos or even skinny cargo jeans in matching hues and forms a combo worth giving a shot.  A camo shirt jacket is certainly a timeless garb that can be slipped on on a variety of occasions, like an outing with friends for an outdoor barbeque or a fishing trip, etc. 

25. Checkered overshirt:

The checkered version of overshirts is a very popular kind of top for guys that work in almost all seasons. A checkered overshirt is something that is more shirt-like than most overshirts, as such they are great to wear in summer. Checkered overshirts can be combined with a great variety of bottoms including chinos and denim shorts. This overshirt can be worn over a tee, a sweatshirt, a button-down shirt, or even a hoodie, it’s as multi-purpose as an overshirt can be. A checkered shirt is a failsafe option when you are looking to get ready quickly for a casual walk or a meet-up with friends.

Final thoughts

This comprehensive list includes 25 styles of shirts that can be worn in casual situations. Your wardrobe can never be short of options if you have at least three shirts from each category. Your casual fashion collection will remain impressive if you care to own most of these shirts from all these five categories.


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