The 5 types of eyeglasses every dapper dude needs to own.

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5 types of eyeglasses every guy should own

Glasses, my friends, are a fashion accessory every stylish guy owns, as they are the most popular fashion accessory, second only to the classic wristwatch. Sunnies, shades, or spectacles whatever you call them, are an absolute must-have, a non-negotiable for a fashion-forward guy. Now when you know that you need these specs on your person, and you love them because they enhance your look like nothing else, why limit yourself to just one pair? Who wants to stick with the same old glasses every single day? – not exactly thrilling huh? Your eyes, nose, and ears deserve a bit more excitement than that.

Granted, you can have as many as your heart desires or you can afford to splurge on. But, there must be a number that works for everyone, that age-old question, how many glasses should a guy own, you know! So, here’s the scoop, a fashionable guy like yourself needs a lineup of at least 5 pairs! Trust me, you don’t want to be caught slacking in the style department. Keeping your eyewear game strong with a variety of options ensures you’re always on point, no matter the occasion. These 5 pairs are gonna be the ones you’ll swear by, trust me. Now, let’s break down these fab five, but hold on, I know what’s on your mind!

Why 5?

Why five, Or why just five, you ask? Well, hear me out. Whether you are a minimalist, known as that cool budget-savvy baller or you are living large as a splurgy fashionista, five pairs are just enough for you. Many people would like to own more than just five pairs, it’s perfectly fine! But 5 pairs of sunglasses will be enough for most men, and I’ll explain how! In today’s fast-paced world, life throws all sorts of situations at you, and you need different shades for different situations. With these 5 types of peepers in your arsenal, you are all set to ace the fashion game wherever life takes you – whether you’re chilling at parties, soaking up the sun on the beach, catching the buzz at the ballpark, shielding your eyes from blue light, owning the dancefloor at a nightclub, or just about any scenario you can dream up!

The breakdown: 

Now, we are ready to unveil the breakdown of our five fabulous types of eyeglasses every guy should own, that cover a range of situations and styles. According to an influential men’s fashion blog, Real Men Real Style, only two types of glasses/frames suit all face types, the aviators and the wraparounds! And we second their opinion. These two frames will work for everyone and this is what makes it special. This article is not about proper frame types for your face type, we’ll discuss the types that you need in different situations. 

We recommend you have at least two pairs of aviators, one pair of wraparounds, and two other frames that you love on your face. As for the colors of the lens, don’t stick to just one color. Black, tinted gray, light green and blue are the colors for men, but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with bold and bright shades like red and yellow, just go for the shades that complement your skin tones. Silver and blue are an on-trend choice. Now without further ado, let’s go ahead with the breakdown

1. A classic pair of aviators for everyday use:

Aviators, the 5 types of eyeglasses every dapper dude should own.

These classic peepers let you channel your inner Top Gun with an unmistakable flare. Often loved in darker shades of gray, green, and blue, the aviators are at the apex of men’s styles of sunglasses. These iconic frames are ideal for adding a touch of adventure to your look while providing superior sun protection. The aviators are at the top of our list of 5 eyeglasses every stylish guy must own for a reason! Aviators look great on everyone regardless of the face shape. And these classic specs have so much to offer to enhance your style. This makes the aviators the true Swiss Army knife of sunglasses as they work for everyone in every situation. For a stylish experience choose classic metallic frames with dark lenses and coordinate them with your outfits.

2. A geeky pair of clear glass specs: 

Clear glass specs, the 5 types of eyeglasses every dapper dude should own.

Clear glass spectacles, the fashion accessory that was once considered part and parcel of nerdy fashion are now mainstream. Yes, you heard it right, a blue light-blocking pair of glasses is a must-have as everyone needs protection against harmful rays because of our increased exposure to them due to ever-increasing screen times. Whether you’re going for a geek-chic vibe or simply want to switch up your look, clear eyeglasses are a must-have accessory. Opt for modern, minimalist frames in a neutral color like clear or translucent for a sophisticated yet versatile look. 

3. Polarized sunglasses for driving and other outdoor activities.

5 types of eyeglasses every dapper dude should own.

Now, technology has transformed this fashion accessory into something quite valuable from a purely functional point of view. Polarized lenses offer protection like no other, and they are especially handy for guys who spend most of their time outdoors. Polarized sunnies are your best buddies if you are a guy who drives around for longer periods. They protect against blinding glare and eyestrain, caused by light bouncing off surfaces like roads, water, and snow, providing safety and improved vision. Polarized sunglasses make it to this list of 5 must-have pairs of glasses for the exceptional functionality they offer. 

4. Sporty flair with a pair of wraparounds: 

5 types of eyeglasses every dapper dude should own.

You have got to own a pair that’s just perfect for having some fun at the beachside or spending a day in style at your fave sports arena. Unlike traditional glasses that have flat lenses, wraparounds have curved lenses and frames that extend around the sides of the face, blocking out more sunlight and glare from the sides and angles. And from a style perspective too, this design of sunglasses works for almost every face shape. That’s why you absolutely need to own a quirky pair of these, the wraparounds that scream personality. This bold style of sunnies not only provides excellent coverage and protection from the sun’s glare but also kicks your fashion game a notch up. Consider seeking out lightweight, durable frames coupled with polarized lenses for maximum comfort and durability. A sturdy pair of wraparounds with a lense color that you love will spice up your summer aesthetc and provide protection against squinting while you are having some fun in the sun. 

5. A pair of transitions for busy guys: 

5 types of eyeglasses every dapper dude should own.

Photochromic or transition glasses are the ones that have lenses that darken when the sun’s out thanks to the intensity of UV light. They are great for guys who hate swapping specs every time they step inside from sunny outdoors.  No longer dorky and old-fashioned, photochromic or transition lenses offer a blend of comfort and style – this makes them the chameleons of eyewear. These lenses are the classic two-in-one solution! Imagine having sunglasses and geeky clear glass specs all rolled into one slick pair. And the best part? They are trendifying, there’s a whole buffet of frame styles and lens colors waiting for you to pick from suiting your personal taste and skin tone. Whether you are into bold and bright or subtle and sleek, you can find a pair that matches your vibe, just pick a frame that screams “you” and let the lenses do the talking.

So, there you have it – 5 types of eyeglasses for every occasion, from lazy Sundays to beach 🏖️ bonanzas. With these 5 essential glasses in your collection of fashion accessories, you’ll be prepared for any situation while staying stylish and on-trend.


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