Spice up your style: The ultimate list of 75 men’s fashion accessories!

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Fashion accessories for men

Men’s fashion accessories are those add-ons and adornments that subtly enhance a run-of-the-mill outfit and are a means of self-expression. There are lots of them, you’ll find one to adorn your outfit anywhere from head to toe. If you are looking for a complete list of men’s fashion accessories, then this is the one you are looking for, you’ll be introduced to some 75 different types of fashion accessories that help you spice up your style!

 Fashion accessories add details, enhance functionality, and subtly upgrade any outfit without much effort. This is the reason why men’s fashion accessories have emerged as powerful tools to help you stand out, earn those extra style points, and make a statement.

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What exactly is a fashion accessory? 

There’s a bit of confusion when it comes to the term “fashion accessory.” Some blogs categorize shoes and jackets as accessories, while others lump grooming products together with fashion accessories. Let’s start by clearing up this confusion.

A fashion accessory is a secondary item (other than the primary items tops, bottoms, and footwear) that you can wear or carry to augment your outfit. As per this definition shoes are not an accessory, you can’t do without footwear unless fashion accessories which are not a necessity but add-ons that enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your outfit as a whole. Grooming products are not fashion accessories, as they have to do with your physical grooming and are not used as outfit enhancements. Some people think that certain gadgets like earphones or earbuds are fashion accessories, but we are not including them in our list. These gadgets do enhance your style, they are stylish gadgets but not fashion accessories. 

What’s not included in this list:

Men’s fashion accessories are too many, making it impractical to list them all in a single post. This compilation excludes items with limited utility, those associated with specific ethnicities, subcultures, or cults. The same applies to accessories tied to historical fashion, military uniforms, and various professions. This curated list focuses on accessories that are widely recognized, somewhat mainstream, and either currently popular or have the potential to gain popularity in the future (though predicting trends remains a challenging task).

The ultimate list of men’s 75 fashion accessories: 

From timeless classics to contemporary trends, we’ve curated the ultimate list of men’s fashion accessories that effortlessly blend coolness with style, ensuring you’re consistently on point. While a tally of 75 items might feel overwhelming, we’ve streamlined the list into three broad categories: wearable accessories, jewelry, and carried accessories. Now, let’s delve into this gold mine of men’s fashion accessories.

Wearable accessories:

1. Necktie:

Men's fashion accessories.

A necktie is a long, narrow piece of fabric that is worn around the neck and tied in various styles. It is a versatile accessory that enhances both formal and casual men’s styles.  In formal settings, a well-chosen necktie adds a touch of elegance and professionalism. It complements a suit or dress shirt, creating a polished and put-together look. The choice of color and pattern can convey personality and sophistication. In casual attire, a necktie can be a statement piece. Worn with a button-down shirt and jeans, it adds a pop of style and individuality. It can be a focal point, showcasing personal taste and creativity. Overall, a necktie serves as a versatile accessory that elevates men’s fashion by adding a dash of refinement in formal settings and a hint of style in casual outfits.

2. Bowtie:

List of fashion accessories

A bowtie is a small, decorative accessory worn around the neck, tied in the shape of a bow. It enhances men’s style by adding a unique and charming element to their outfits. Bowties are versatile and suitable for both formal and casual occasions. In formal settings, a bowtie exudes sophistication and elegance, often paired with a tuxedo or suit. It adds a touch of classic refinement and distinguishes the wearer from the crowd. In casual wear, a bowtie can be a playful and stylish choice. It showcases personality and creativity, making a fashion statement. Whether in vibrant colors or patterns, bowties are a versatile accessory that elevates men’s style by providing a distinctive and eye-catching focal point to their attire. image source

3. Cravat: 

List of fashion accessories

Cravats are broad, longer neckwear resembling an early version of the modern necktie. While less common today, they endure as stylish accessories. Men often wear cravats with formal or vintage-inspired outfits, enhancing a sophisticated aesthetic. Typically wider and longer than contemporary ties, cravats offer versatility in styling—loose and flowing for casual looks, or tightly knotted for formal occasions. They vary in length, but a standard cravat measures around 55-60 inches long and 6-8 inches wide. Unlike modern neckties, cravats showcase a classic charm, making them a distinctive choice for those seeking a touch of historical elegance in their attire.


4. Ascot or Ascot scarf: 

List of fashion accessories

An Ascot, or Ascot scarf, is a formal neckwear piece worn by men. Modern men often style it casually, draping it over an open-necked shirt without a jacket. It differs from a necktie with its wider and shorter design, resembling a scarf. Unlike a bandana, it’s more formal and not typically folded. Distinct from a winter scarf, it’s thinner and worn for style rather than warmth. Men wear Ascots to add a refined touch to semi-formal or casual outfits. Traditionally made of silk, it’s worn underneath a shirt collar, knotting elegantly at the front. The Ascot’s versatility makes it a stylish accessory bridging the gap between formal and relaxed attire.

image source: Daraz.pk

5. Pocket square:

List of fashion accessories

A “pocket square” is a small, decorative piece of fabric, usually square in shape, that men place in the breast pocket of a suit or blazer. It’s a versatile fashion accessory that can elevate a man’s style in several ways.  First, a pocket square adds a pop of color and texture to a formal outfit, enhancing its overall appearance. It can be coordinated with a tie or shirt for a cohesive look. Second, folding techniques allow for different styles, from classic presidential folds to more casual puffs or points, offering variety and personalization. Lastly, a well-chosen pocket square demonstrates attention to detail and a sense of refinement, leaving a lasting impression. It’s a simple yet impactful accessory that can instantly upgrade a man’s fashion statement. Image source


6. Brooch or breastpin:

List of fashion accessories

A brooch or breastpin is a decorative jewelry piece typically fastened to clothing with a pin mechanism. Traditionally considered a women’s accessory, men have also embraced brooches to elevate their style. Brooches have been worn by men since the earliest time, they are often made from metals like silver or sometimes include gemstones. Brooches have made a remarkable comeback recently after numerous celebs sported brooches depicting their personal styles. They are excellent for adding personality and self-expression to the outfits.  Daraz.pk

 7. Lapel pin: 

List of fashion accessories

A lapel pin is a small decorative accessory worn on the lapel of a jacket or suit. Men typically wear them by attaching the pin to the left lapel, just below the notch. Lapel pins come in various designs, ranging from symbolic emblems to novelty items. They serve as a subtle way to express personal style, affiliations, or achievements. While trends in men’s fashion fluctuate, lapel pins remain a classic accessory that can add flair to formal or casual attire. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, they continue to be in style for men. Etsy

8. Boutonniere/ pocket flower: 

List of fashion accessories

A boutonniere is a small, decorative flower arrangement worn by men on the lapel of a jacket or coat. Typically, it consists of a single flower or a cluster of blooms. Common materials include small roses, carnations, or other sturdy flowers. To wear, men insert the stem through the buttonhole on the left lapel of a suit jacket, securing it with a loop on the back. Boutonnieres are worn on formal occasions such as weddings or proms and complement suits or tuxedos. Originating in the 19th century, boutonnieres were initially used to ward off evil spirits, later evolving into a symbol of elegance and style in formal wear. image source: Etsy

9. Corsage: 

List of fashion accessories

A corsage is a small bouquet or decorative element often worn by women. Typically, it’s attached to the dress or worn on the wrist. Men don’t typically wear corsages; instead, they wear boutonnieres, which are small floral arrangements worn on the lapel of a jacket. Distinguishing a corsage from a brooch or boutonniere lies in its size and purpose. A brooch is a larger, ornate pin or clasp, while a boutonniere is a smaller floral arrangement for men’s lapels. The tradition of wearing corsages dates back to ancient Greece, where herbs were worn to ward off evil spirits. Over time, it evolved into a fashionable accessory for formal events like weddings and proms. image source

10. Detachable shirt cuffs: 

List of fashion accessories

Detachable shirt cuffs are removable cuffs that attach to the end of a shirt sleeve using buttons. They allow for customization, letting men switch between various cuff styles on a single shirt. Worn with shirts featuring cufflink holes, these cuffs offer a formal touch, often associated with dress shirts for special occasions or business attire. While not as common in everyday fashion, detachable cuffs can add a distinctive and refined element to a man’s ensemble. Style preferences vary, and some individuals appreciate the classic elegance they bring, making them a stylish choice for those who appreciate traditional sartorial details. image source: Etsy

11. Cufflinks:

List of men's fashion accessories

For formal occasions, bespoke cufflinks are the epitome of sophistication. They allow you to add a touch of personal flair to your dress shirts. Cufflinks are decorative fasteners used to secure the cuffs of a shirt with buttonholes, common on dress shirts. They replace traditional buttons, adding a touch of sophistication to formal attire. To wear cufflinks, a man inserts them through the shirt’s cuff holes, aligning the holes on both sides and then securing them in place. They come in various designs, materials, and styles, providing a versatile accessory for personal expression. Cufflinks are typically reserved for more formal occasions, such as business events, weddings, or upscale gatherings, and are an essential element in completing a polished and refined look. eBay


12. Tie clip: 

Men' fashion accessories

A tie clip is a small, decorative accessory designed to hold a man’s necktie in place by attaching it to the front of his dress shirt. Worn horizontally across the tie and shirt placket, it prevents the tie from swinging and adds a polished touch to the overall look. To use a tie clip, it is fastened to both the tie and the shirt, ensuring a neat and secure appearance. Stylish and functional, tie clips come in various materials and designs, providing a subtle yet impactful way for men to enhance their professional or formal attire, showcasing attention to detail and refinement.

13. Collar pin or collar clip or collar bar:

List of men's fashion accessories

A collar pin is a small, decorative accessory that fastens the two ends of a dress shirt’s collar together, elevating a man’s style. Worn horizontally, it adds a touch of sophistication and structure to the shirt, creating a polished look. It signals attention to detail, conveying a sense of organization and refinement. This subtle accessory enhances the overall appearance by ensuring the collar stays neatly in place, making the wearer appear more put-together and stylish. image: wish.com

14. Collar stays or collar inserts: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Collar stays are small, rigid strips, often made of metal or plastic, placed inside the collar of dress shirts. Their primary function is to maintain the collar’s shape and crispness, preventing it from curling or collapsing. To use them, insert the stays into specially designed pockets on the underside of the shirt collar. This ensures a neat and professional appearance, keeping the collar points in place throughout the day. Collar stays are essential for a polished look, providing a subtle yet effective detail that contributes to a well-groomed and organized appearance.

image source: Amazon

15. Detachable shirt collar:

List of men's fashion accessories

A detachable shirt collar is a removable collar that fastens to a shirt via buttons. Men use it to easily change or replace collars for variety or to extend the shirt’s lifespan. Historically formal, detachable collars add a vintage touch to dress shirts. Some find them stylish, evoking classic charm, but opinions on their modern appeal vary. Proper pairing with ties or bowties enhances the look, making it a distinctive choice for those seeking a timeless, refined style. Image source

16. Belt:

List of men's fashion accessories

A well-crafted leather belt not only holds up your pants but also elevates your overall look. Opt for a belt that matches your shoes for a coordinated appearance. A belt is an accessory worn around the waist to secure and enhance the fit of trousers. Men use belts not only for practicality but also as a style statement. Choosing the right belt can elevate an outfit by coordinating with shoes or adding a pop of color. It accentuates the waist, creating a polished look. While fashion evolves, the classic utility and style of belts make them likely to endure as a wardrobe staple, adapting to trends and remaining a versatile accessory for men in the foreseeable future.

17. Cummerbund:

List of men's fashion accessories

A cummerbund is a waistband or sash worn with formal wear, often paired with a tuxedo. Within a formal setting, a cummerbund is used with matching pieces to create a streamlined silhouette. The word cummerbund originates from Hindi/Persian, it means “waist wrap.” Modern men typically wear cummerbunds to add a touch of elegance to formal occasions. Unlike a corset, which is tight-fitting and historically worn by women to shape the torso, a cummerbund serves a decorative purpose. It is a broad, pleated fabric that wraps around the waist, covering the waistband of trousers. While both garments involve the waist, a cummerbund is a looser and more ornamental accessory, distinct from the restrictive and body-shaping nature of a corset.

18. Corset: 

List of men's fashion accessories

A corset is a tight-fitting, boned garment traditionally worn by women to shape and support the torso. While historically not designed for men, some modern styles, like waist trainers, are marketed to men for body shaping. Men may wear these for a more defined waistline or to achieve a certain aesthetic. However, mainstream fashion for men does not typically include corsets. Fashion trends evolve, and societal acceptance varies, but as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, men’s corsets aren’t widely considered stylish in contemporary fashion. image source: Violet Vixen

19. Suspenders/ Braces

List of men's fashion accessories

Pants suspenders are adjustable straps worn over the shoulders to support trousers instead of a belt. Typically made from elastic or fabric, they feature clips or buttons to attach to the waistband. Worn correctly, suspenders enhance a man’s style by providing a clean, tailored look. They contribute to a polished appearance by maintaining trouser positioning and eliminating the need for a belt, creating sleek lines. Suspenders also convey a classic and confident aesthetic, making the wearer appear more stylish and put-together. Choosing quality materials and coordinating with the outfit further elevates their impact on overall style.

Image source: Shopee Malaysia

20. Sleeve garters: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Sleeve garters are functional and fashionable accessories worn by men to keep shirt sleeves in place. Paired with formal attire, especially suit vests, they add a vintage touch (think about Peaky blinders) while matching the vest’s style. Sleeve garters serve a practical purpose, preventing sleeves from sagging or bunching. In contrast, casual arm bands, sometimes called bicep cuffs, are worn on bare arms with tees and tanks, purely as a style statement. While sleeve garters offer a refined look in formal settings, arm bands or bicep cuffs contribute to a laid-back, edgier aesthetic in more relaxed or casual outfits, showcasing the versatility of arm accessories in men’s fashion.

21. Gloves or mittens: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Yes, gloves and mittens can be stylish accessories for men, offering both functionality and fashion. Men wear them for warmth, especially in colder seasons. Stylish gloves, crafted from leather, wool, or high-quality fabrics, add sophistication to an outfit. They serve as practical details that complement a man’s attire, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The choice of materials like leather elevates the look, creating a polished and put-together appearance. Additionally, gloves provide an opportunity for personal expression, allowing men to showcase their taste and style through unique designs and colors.

22. Statement socks:

List of men's fashion accessories

Statement socks are brightly colored or patterned socks that can be worn with both casual and dressy clothes to add personality to an outfit. They can be a fun and easy way to add a pop of color, stand out from the crowd, and show off your unique style. Socks are more than just a necessary evil, they can do more than their primary function of protecting your shoes from sweat and wear and tear and your feet from the elements. A stylish pair of socks can subtly enhance your overall look by adding details and depth to your outfit.

23. Sunglasses: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Sunglasses are protective eyewear designed to shield eyes from sunlight. Beyond their functional purpose, men use sunglasses as a fashion accessory to enhance style. Choosing the right pair can complement facial features and elevate an outfit. Popular styles like aviators or wayfarers offer a classic, timeless look, while trendy frames and lens colors can convey a modern vibe. Worn confidently, sunglasses add a touch of mystery and sophistication, contributing to a polished and stylish appearance.

24. Clear glass spectacles: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Clear glass spectacles are eyeglasses with non-prescription, transparent lenses. Men use them as a stylish accessory, creating a “geek chic” look. These frames, reminiscent of classic academic styles, convey intelligence and fashion-forward sensibility. To enhance the stylish geek look, pair clear glasses with contemporary, well-fitted attire. The juxtaposition of intellectual and trendy elements exudes sophistication. Celebrities often embrace this style, further popularizing it. Clear glass spectacles provide a subtle yet impactful way to accessorize, fostering a distinctive and fashion-conscious image. 

25. Color contact lenses: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Color contact lenses are lenses that alter or enhance eye color. Men use them to elevate their style, adding a touch of dapper and cool to their appearance. By changing eye color, these lenses offer a unique way to experiment with personal aesthetics. Popular choices include subtle enhancements or bold, unconventional hues. When paired with well-coordinated outfits, color contact lenses contribute to a fashion-forward and confident look. While trends may evolve, colored lenses continue to be in style, providing a versatile and temporary way for men to express individuality and enhance their overall cool factor.

Mystic Eyes

26. Fashion eye patch: 

List of men's fashion accessories

An eye patch, originally associated with pirate costumes, has found a place in modern fashion as a quirky accessory, especially within cosplay and steampunk aesthetics. Beyond leather, materials like fabric or synthetic blends are used, offering diverse styles. Some modern fashion eye patches even feature transparent or fenestrated materials, adding a contemporary twist. Popular in anime culture, these eye patches enhance a cool and edgy look. While rooted in historical symbolism, the fashion evolution of eye patches showcases their versatility, becoming an expressive accessory for those seeking unique and unconventional style statements.

27. Hats, snapbacks, and beanies: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Whether it’s a classic fedora, a stylish snapback, a bucket hat, or a beanie, the right hat can transform your outfit and make a bold fashion statement. Snapbacks (with flat brims) or baseball caps (curved brims)  feature adjustable snap closures, favored for a casual, urban look. Beanies and other snug-fitting knit caps are versatile and add warmth. Popular styles include cuff or slouch beanies. In casual settings, men wear snapbacks with streetwear for a relaxed vibe, while beanies pair well with casual winter outfits. Bucket hats are ideal for outdoor activities like hiking camping and resorting. Transitioning to formal settings, you can choose classic, well-structured hats like fedoras, Panama hats, or trilbies. These add a polished touch to suits. Versatility lies in pairing the right hat with the occasion, seamlessly blending fashion and function.

28. Visor: 

List of men's fashion accessories

It’s also called a visor cap or a no-top or top empty hat. A snazzy piece to offer you protection against the sun while offering you an edgy style curve. A visor is a separate entry on our list of accessories because it’s not a hat or a baseball cap. After all, a hat or cap covers your head but a visor doesn’t. So yeah it’s another accessory you should think about adding to your summer fashion arsenal, and it’s a perfect choice for those bold and brilliant fashionistas who believe in spending their summer time in style. 

29. Detachable hood: 

List of men's fashion accessories

A detachable hood is a hood that can be removed from a garment, often a jacket, offering versatility in styling. It becomes edgy and stylish as a separate accessory because it allows customization and personalization of various jackets. This flexibility lets individuals pair the hood with jackets of their choice, creating unique looks. Common types include zip-on and button-on hoods, and they are typically made from materials like nylon, polyester, or faux fur. Indeed, a detachable hood qualifies as a separate fashion accessory, enabling wearers to adapt their style based on weather, occasion, or personal taste while maintaining a distinctive and trendy appearance.

30. Hat Bands: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Hatbands are decorative straps encircling the base of a hat, often serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Men use them to enhance style, adding a personalized touch to their hats. Functionally, hat bands can help adjust the hat’s fit or provide additional structure. The importance lies in their ability to elevate a hat’s overall aesthetic, offering a subtle detail that complements the wearer’s style. Whether a leather band for a rustic look or a patterned fabric for added flair, hatbands contribute to making a hat look more refined and visually appealing, showcasing attention to detail in fashion.

31. Shirt stays or shirt garters:

List of men's fashion accessories

Shirt stays, also known as shirt garters, are elastic straps worn by men to keep their dress shirts neatly tucked into trousers. Attached to the shirttails and secured to socks or the lower part of the leg, they prevent shirts from becoming untucked throughout the day. This accessory helps men achieve a polished and smart appearance by maintaining a crisp, tailored look. The advantages include a consistently neat appearance, improved comfort with a secure fit, and enhanced professionalism. Shirt stays contribute to a sharp silhouette, making them a popular choice for those who prioritize a well-groomed and put-together style.

32. Winter scarves: 

List of men's fashion accessories

Winter scarves are cold-weather accessories worn around the neck for warmth and style. Men wear them by draping, looping, or knotting around the neck, adding a layer of insulation against the cold. Popular styles include the classic wool scarf, known for its versatility and warmth, and the infinity scarf, which forms a continuous loop. The blanket scarf, oversized and cozy, is another favored option. Additionally, men often opt for cashmere or knit scarves for comfort and a touch of luxury. The way a scarf is worn can vary, allowing for individual expression while keeping winter chills at bay.

33. Neck gaiters: 

List of fashion accessories.

Gaiters are protectors for lower legs from ankles to just under the knees, neck warmers are similar tube-like knitted accessories used to protect the neck in cold weather. Neck gaiters are tubular garments worn around the neck, often made of stretchy, breathable fabric like polyester or microfiber. Men use them as versatile fashion accessories, pairing them with various outfits for added style. Unlike normal gaiters resembling spats, which cover the lower leg and shoe, neck gaiters focus on the neck area, providing warmth and a trendy accessory for casual or active wear.  

34. Ear Warmers or Earmuffs: 

List of fashion accessories.

Ear warmers are accessories designed to cover and protect the ears from cold temperatures. Men wear them to stay warm and stylish by choosing options that blend functionality with fashion. Common styles include earmuffs, headbands, or behind-the-head designs. To stay stylish, men often select ear warmers that complement their winter wardrobe, opting for neutral colors or patterns that coordinate with their outerwear. Choosing materials like fleece or faux fur adds both warmth and a touch of style. By seamlessly integrating these accessories into their winter ensemble, men can maintain comfort while making a fashion statement during colder seasons.

35. Bandanas and wild rags: 

A bandana and a wild rag both are casual scarves. The bandana and wild rag, both square pieces of fabric, share commonalities yet differ in origin and use. The bandana, often crafted from cotton, is a casual accessory associated with urban street style. On the other hand, the wild rag, typically made of silk, finds its roots in cowboy culture, offering a rugged charm. Fashionable men incorporate bandanas into their wardrobes, using them as headbands or neckties for a laid-back, urban aesthetic. Meanwhile, the wild rag or cowboy scarf adds a touch of Western flair, draped around the neck or loosely tied, appealing to those seeking a rugged yet refined frontier-inspired look. Despite their distinct histories, both accessories serve as versatile elements in the world of men’s fashion.

Did you know that a bandana is the most versatile accessory you can own? You can wear it in as many as 16 different ways, Read this article to know more about it.

36. Neckerchief: 

List of fashion accessories.

A neckerchief, distinct from a modern bandana, is primarily neckwear, occasionally worn as headwear. Less versatile than a bandana, it’s stylishly used by modern men draped loosely around the neck, adding a touch of flair to casual or semi-formal outfits. Popular among fashion enthusiasts, it offers a nod to retro or nautical aesthetics. Quality materials like cotton or silk ensure comfort and durability. The Scout neckerchief is a well-known variation. Modern men creatively integrate neckerchiefs into their style, leveraging various knots and folds to personalize their fashion statement with this classic accessory.

37. Skinny scarf:

List of fashion accessories.

Skinny scarves for men are narrow strips of fabric worn as a stylish accessory, particularly popular in summer. Unlike traditional winter scarves, they are considerably longer and narrower, typically measuring 2 to 3 inches in width. Men use skinny scarves to add a touch of sophistication to their outfits, draping them loosely around the neck. They’re versatile, complementing both casual and formal attire. The slender profile distinguishes them from bulkier winter scarves, offering a lightweight and breathable option suitable for warmer weather. The emphasis on length and slimness allows for various styling possibilities, such as knotting, looping, or casually draping the scarf for a sleek and modern look.

image source

38. Headband: 

List of fashion accessories.

This sporty accessory is primarily used during athletic activities and working out when heavy sweating is involved. Sweat headbands do more than just keep sweat from entering your eyes making you uncomfortable during workouts. A head sweatband can kick your casual and sporty style up a notch. Think about matching it with the rest of your outfit, and choose the materials that get the job done in addition to being cozy and soft on your head. The best materials for moisture-wicking headbands include synthetic fabrics like polyester or a blend with spandex. These materials efficiently pull sweat away from the skin. In fashion, sweat headbands offer both practicality and style, complementing sporty or athleisure outfits. They add a functional accessory element, combining performance with a trendy aesthetic for individuals seeking a sporty, active, or urban fashion statement.

39. Metal claw hair band:

List of fashion accessories.

A hairband is only slightly different from a headband, you can think of it as a subcategory of the Headband. Oftentimes the terms headband and hair band are used interchangeably, but they are different. A hair band is thin, it’s often made of a thin flexible metal wire, and sometimes it is a thin strip of stretchable fabric. The primary purpose of a hair band is to manage long hair, keeping it styled while pulled back neatly during sports or daily activities, preventing it from falling into the face. Whether worn casually or as a fashion statement, a well-chosen hairband complements personal style while serving a practical purpose.

40. Hair beads:

List of fashion accessories.

Hair beads are decorative accessories that can be threaded onto individual strands of hair. Men can use them stylishly by incorporating them into braids, twists, or dreadlocks, creating unique and personalized hairstyles. These beads are commonly made of materials like wood, bone, metal, or plastic, offering a variety of textures and styles. The use of hair beads has a rich history, dating back centuries across various cultures. They have been prominent in African, Native American, and Viking traditions, serving both ornamental and symbolic purposes. In modern times, hair beads have become a popular fashion trend, allowing individuals to express their cultural identity and personal style through creative hair embellishments.

image source: gosupps.com

41. Ponytail holder/hair tie:

List of fashion accessories.

A ponytail holder, often called a hair tie or elastic, is a flexible band used to secure hair into a ponytail. Men with long hair use it for practicality and style. Using a good ponytail holder is crucial to prevent hair damage and breakage. Opt for fabric-covered or spiral designs to reduce snagging and breakage. Avoid rubber bands as they can cause stress on hair strands. A proper ponytail holder helps maintain a secure hold without causing discomfort or harming hair, promoting both style and hair health.

42. Shemagh or keffiyeh:

List of fashion accessories.

A shemagh, also known as a keffiyeh, is a traditional Middle Eastern headscarf. Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, it serves practical purposes in protecting against sun and dust. Stylishly, men globally use it as a versatile fashion accessory. To wear it fashionably, fold the square fabric into a triangle, drape it over the shoulders, and secure the ends around the neck or tuck them in for various styles. Popularized by its cultural significance, the shemagh has transcended its origins, becoming a trendy and functional accessory embraced by individuals worldwide for both its aesthetic appeal and utility.

43. UV arm sleeves: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

UV arm sleeves are protective garments designed to shield arms from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Men use them for sun protection during outdoor activities like sports, hiking, or biking. Quality UV arm sleeves are often made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester or nylon, providing comfort and breathability. Fashionably, men incorporate them into outfits by choosing sleeves in coordinating colors or patterns. They pair well with activewear, casual attire, or even under short-sleeved shirts. The versatility of UV arm sleeves allows men to prioritize sun safety while adding a practical and stylish element to their wardrobe.

44. Bolo tie: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A bolo tie is a necktie consisting of a braided or corded leather or fabric loop, typically with decorative metal tips and a sliding ornament in the center. Men wear it as a unique fashion accessory, often with collared shirts and casual attire. Good bolo ties feature quality materials like leather, sterling silver, or turquoise. They can be paired with Western-style shirts for a classic look, or incorporated into more casual ensembles for a touch of individuality. The versatility of bolo ties allows men to express their style, making them a distinctive addition to both formal and relaxed outfits.

45. Chokers or choker collars: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Chokers or choker collars for men are necklaces that fit snugly around the neck, typically made of materials like leather, metal, or fabric. Unlike traditional necklaces that hang lower, chokers rest higher on the neck, creating a distinctive and edgier look. They have become a popular fashion accessory for men, adding a modern and bold element to casual or even semi-formal outfits. Materials commonly used include leather for a rugged vibe, metal for an industrial feel, or fabric for a more laid-back style. Whether worn alone or layered, chokers can enhance a regular guy’s fashion statement, providing a versatile accessory for various occasions. Image source: koreaboo.com

46. Pants chaps: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Pant chaps, also known as leather chaps, are protective leg coverings worn over pants, commonly associated with motorcycle riders. Typically made of leather, they shield legs from wind, debris, and abrasions. As a fashion accessory, men can wear chaps to make a bold statement or embrace a rugged aesthetic. They pair well with motorcycle gear, creating a distinctive and functional look. Beyond riding, some incorporate chaps into casual wear for a unique fashion expression. While they may not be suitable for formal occasions, wearing pants chaps is a style choice for motorcycle enthusiasts or those looking to add a touch of edge to their casual wardrobe.

47. Pants chains:

Types of men's fashion accessories

Pants chains, or belt chains, are accessories that attach to belt loops, adding a decorative or functional element to trousers or even shorts. Guys wear them for a stylish and edgy look, often draping across the front or side of pants. Commonly made of metals like stainless steel or brass, these chains can feature various designs, from simple links to more intricate styles. While often associated with casual or streetwear, some men incorporate subtle and sleek pants chains into dressier ensembles. It’s a versatile accessory that allows for personal expression, adding a touch of individuality to both casual and more formal outfits.

48. Vest chains: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Vest chains are accessories worn with vests by men, adding a touch of style to formal or semi-formal attire. These chains are draped across the vest’s front, often attaching to a buttonhole and pocket watch for a classic look. Common materials include metals like silver or gold, providing a polished and refined appearance. Vest chains serve both a decorative and functional purpose, enhancing the overall aesthetic while harkening back to vintage styles. The choice of material can influence the formality of the ensemble, with sleek metals suited for more formal occasions and chunkier or textured chains adding a casual flair.

49. Vest extenders: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Vest extenders are accessories designed to increase the size and adjust the fit of vests. Primarily used for leather or denim vests, they serve a practical purpose by providing extra room and ensuring a comfortable fit. Commonly made from leather or sturdy fabric, these extenders often feature decorative elements like snaps or buckles, contributing to a rugged or biker aesthetic. While primarily functional, vest extenders can be fashionable, adding a customized and edgy detail to the vest. They not only enhance comfort but also contribute to the overall look, making leather and denim vests more versatile and appealing to those seeking a distinctive style.

50. Keychains: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Yes, keychains can be a stylish fashion accessory for men. Popular choices include leather, metal, or minimalist designs. Stylish keychains often reflect personal interests or hold sentimental value. Attaching keychains to belt loops can be fashionable, adding a touch of individuality to your style. However, balance is key; opt for a streamlined look to avoid overwhelming your outfit. Choose keychains that complement your overall aesthetic, whether it’s a sleek and modern design or a rugged, vintage vibe. Ultimately, keychains can be a subtle yet effective way to express your personality and enhance your fashion statement.

51. Shawl: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A shawl as a men’s fashion accessory is a rectangular or square piece of fabric worn over the shoulders or around the neck. Stylishly, men can wear it draped over one or both shoulders, creating a casual and sophisticated look. Shawls can be worn in various situations, adding a fashionable touch to both formal and casual outfits. Pair a fine wool or cashmere shawl with a suit for a polished appearance during cooler weather. For casual settings, opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen, pairing them with jeans or chinos for a relaxed yet stylish ensemble. Shawls offer versatility, enhancing fashion on a range of occasions. image source

52. Spats or spatterdashes:

Types of men's fashion accessories

Spats, or spatterdashes, are protective coverings worn over shoes and ankles, historically popular in the early 20th century. Today, men use them as a distinctive fashion accessory, often in formal or vintage-inspired styles. Typically made from canvas, leather, or cloth, spats come in neutral colors like black or white. They serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, protecting shoes from mud and adding a refined touch to formalwear. Modern usage leans towards fashion, allowing men to evoke a classic and elegant look, especially in period-themed events or as a unique detail in formal attire, showcasing a blend of tradition and contemporary style.

53. Bootstraps: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Bootstraps or boot wraps are belt-like accessories that wrap around the top of boots, adding flair and style. Originally, bootstraps were functional, aiding in pulling boots on. In modern fashion, they serve a decorative purpose, popular among those embracing punk or cowboy aesthetics. Punks may choose studded or embellished bootstraps, while cowboys favor leather or Western-inspired designs. The trend originated from practical use in the 19th century, evolving into a fashion statement. Today, they remain in style, allowing individuals to personalize their boots and express a rugged or rebellious vibe in their fashion choices.

54. Boot chains or boot bracelets: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Boot chains are accessories worn with ankle or chunky boots, typically attached to the laces. Men use them to add a rugged, edgy vibe to their footwear, often reflecting punk or biker aesthetics. Tied to the laces, boot chains can enhance streetwear or casual outfits, injecting a touch of rebellion into the look. Some incorporate a shoe chain belt for a cohesive style. This accessory offers a versatile way for individuals to express their personality, blending fashion and a hint of rebellious attitude seamlessly into their choice of footwear. Popular brands like Dr. Martens provide quality options for those seeking a bold style statement.

55. Overshoes or galoshes:

Types of men's fashion accessories

Galoshes and overshoes are essentially the same—protective shoe coverings designed to keep footwear dry in wet or muddy conditions. While primarily functional, they can contribute to your style by preserving your shoes in inclement weather. Often referred to as shoe protectors, they are made from rubber or waterproof materials. Good galoshes provide a balance of functionality and style, offering a sleek fit over your shoes without compromising comfort. Brands like Swims and Tingley are known for quality galoshes that effectively shield shoes from the elements while maintaining a fashionable appearance. Choosing a pair that complements your style ensures both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

56. Wrist sweatband: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A wrist sweatband is a functional accessory designed to absorb sweat during physical activities. While traditionally associated with sports, men can indeed use them as a fashion accessory beyond athletic settings. Wrist sweatbands can enhance casual and street-style outfits, adding a sporty and retro vibe. Pairing them with rolled-up sleeves or streetwear can create a trendy look. Brands like Nike, Adidas, or even vintage options offer quality wrist sweatbands. Opt for neutral colors or those that complement your outfit to seamlessly integrate this practical accessory into your everyday style, merging fashion with functionality.

57. Cross-body bag:

Types of men's fashion accessories

A crossbody bag is a type of bag worn with its strap diagonally across the body, from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It’s practical and stylish for men due to its hands-free design and versatility. Distinct from handbags and backpacks, it shares similarities with shoulder bags but is typically smaller and worn across the torso. Variations include messenger-style crossbodies, compact pouches for a minimalist look, and larger ones with multiple compartments for increased functionality. Styles range from casual canvas to sleek leather, accommodating diverse preferences. The crossbody bag’s blend of convenience and fashion makes it a popular choice for modern men on the go.

58. Backpack: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A backpack is a two-strap bag carried on the back, designed for carrying items comfortably. Men use backpacks as a versatile fashion accessory, blending style and functionality. Unlike common bags, backpacks evenly distribute weight, providing practicality for daily activities. They come in various materials like canvas, leather, and nylon. Canvas offers a casual and rugged look, leather exudes sophistication, while nylon provides durability and a sporty vibe. Backpacks have evolved into fashion statements, offering a range of styles to suit diverse tastes, making them an essential accessory for men seeking both practicality and style.

59. Epaulette:

Types of men's fashion accessories

A pocket protector is a practical accessory designed to hold pens and prevent leaks in shirt pockets. While it has been stereotypically associated with “nerd” culture, it also serves utilitarian purposes. Commonly used by engineers, technicians, or anyone needing quick access to writing instruments, it maintains a functional role. Although once a subject of memes, its practicality has led to a subtle resurgence in certain fashion circles. Some men embrace it as a quirky and functional addition, placing it not only in shirt pockets but also in jeans back pockets. This versatility caters to both the intellectual and working-class aesthetics, blending form and function.

60. Pocket protector:

Types of men's fashion accessories

Epaulets are ornamental shoulder pieces on garments, often seen as military-inspired fashion accessories. Historically, they were used in military uniforms to denote rank. In modern men’s fashion, epaulets contribute to a utilitarian or military aesthetic, commonly found on jackets, shirts, or coats. They add a distinctive touch to casual or formal wear, offering a rugged, adventurous vibe. Epaulets are typically crafted from materials like metal, fabric, or leather, enhancing their visual appeal. While associated with rock stars and vintage enthusiasts, they have found broader appeal, becoming a mainstream fashion detail for common men seeking a bold and structured style statement.

61. Statement Mask: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Face masks have transitioned from a necessary evil to a fashion accessory sometimes during the COVID. It’s an add-on that exudes mystery like nothing else. Biker masks and winter masks are functional pieces that provide the wearer with a degree of protection against the elements that nothing else can provide. Statement fashion masks that are sometimes matched with shirts or headwear are becoming increasingly popular. A statement mask of the right material, design and texture when coordinated with your outfit pieces can make an ordinary getup into a mysteriously sexy ensemble capable of turning heads.

B. Jewelry items:  

Jewelry just can’t be separated from men’s fashion, certain pieces are widely popular and no fashionable man’s wardrobe is complete without them. There are certain pieces that are not that popular but they will pique your interest and it’s worth knowing something about them. Let’s move to the jewelry part of our grand list of men’s fashion accessories! 

62. Wristwatch:

Types of men's fashion accessories

A wristwatch is a timekeeping device worn around the wrist. To choose a stylish watch, consider your personal style and occasion. Classic styles like dress watches are versatile, while sports watches add a casual touch. Pay attention to details like case size, material, and strap type ( leather, metal or fabric) to complement your outfit. Ultimately, choose a watch that resonates with your taste and complements your overall style. The world of wristwatches is vast and ever-evolving, it’s better to keep pace with the fashion trends and go for the trendy ones rather than splurging on outdated styles. A classic timepiece might be an investment but the latest smartwatch can offer enhanced functionality. 

63. Bracelets: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A bracelet is a decorative piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. Men use bracelets to enhance their style, adding a subtle yet impactful touch to their overall look. Popular materials include leather, metal, beads, and even woven fabrics. Styles range from minimalist cuffs to intricate beaded designs. Unlike wristbands, which are often simple and serve functional purposes like identification, bracelets are primarily ornamental, reflecting personal taste and fashion. Men incorporate bracelets to express individuality, showcase interests, or complement their attire, making them a versatile accessory that effortlessly elevates and completes their style.

64. Necklaces and pendants:

Types of men's fashion accessories

A necklace is a piece of jewelry worn around the neck, while a pendant is a decorative hanging piece often suspended from a necklace. Men wear necklaces as a versatile fashion accessory, using them to express personal style. Materials like leather, metals (such as stainless steel or silver), and natural stones are preferred by men for their durability and masculine appeal. While not every man opts for necklaces, they have gained popularity as a fashionable and expressive accessory, embraced by those seeking to add a subtle yet impactful touch to their overall look. Preferences vary, making necklaces a choice for those who appreciate the diversity of men’s fashion.

65. Anklet or ankle bracelet:

Types of men's fashion accessories

An anklet, also called an ankle bracelet, is a piece of jewelry worn around the ankle. Men use anklets as a subtle yet stylish fashion accessory, often in casual or beach settings. Preferred materials for men’s anklets include leather, beads, metals like stainless steel, or woven fabrics. Anklets are commonly worn with casual attire, such as shorts or swimwear, providing a laid-back and bohemian vibe. Some men also incorporate anklets into festival or summer fashion. The choice of material and style allows for versatility, enabling men to express their individuality through this understated accessory in various social and leisure situations.

66. Earrings, noserings, and other piercings: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Men’s earrings, nose rings, and piercings play a crucial role in expressing individuality through fashion. Piercings, ranging from ear studs to more unconventional choices, allow men to make bold statements or convey a specific style. Common ear piercings include helix, tragus, and cartilage piercings. Hoops, studs, and cuffs are popular earring choices, with metals like stainless steel or silver preferred for a masculine touch. In nose piercings, men often opt for subtle studs or hoops, adding an edgy element to their look. These piercings enable self-expression, breaking traditional norms and contributing to a diverse and evolving landscape of men’s fashion. The variety of options allows men to personalize their style, making piercings a significant and dynamic aspect of contemporary fashion.

67. Finger rings:

Types of men's fashion accessories

Finger rings are circular bands worn on the fingers, and they are crucial fashion accessories for men, serving as statement pieces that elevate the style. Signifying personal taste and often worn on the ring or index fingers, rings can convey a sense of sophistication or rebellion. Signet rings, featuring engraved symbols or initials, are popular among men, offering a classic yet personalized touch. Additionally, minimalist bands or unconventional designs cater to modern tastes. Rings can symbolize status, commitment, or simply showcase individual style. As versatile accessories, men often wear them to enhance overall aesthetics, creating a polished and distinctive look that reflects their personality. Materials like silver, gold, and stainless steel are commonly preferred. Whether adding a subtle touch or making a bold statement, rings serve as versatile and meaningful accessories in men’s fashion.

68. Fob watch or pocket watch: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A fob watch, also known as a pocket watch, is a timepiece designed to be carried in a pocket. Men often style it by attaching the watch to a chain that hangs from a vest or belt loop. This accessory exudes a classic and vintage charm, adding a touch of sophistication to formal attire. Popular styles include antique brass or silver cases with intricate engravings, while modern trends favor minimalist designs with clean lines. Leather or metal chains enhance versatility. Incorporating a fob watch into a waistcoat pocket complements both casual and formal looks, making it a timeless accessory that blends tradition with contemporary fashion.

69. Non-piercing ear studs:

Types of men's fashion accessories

Non-piercing magnetic ear studs are earrings designed for those without ear piercings. Unlike traditional earrings that require piercing, these magnetic studs use magnets to secure onto the earlobe. Jewelry-loving men often choose them for their versatility and the ability to experiment with different styles without the commitment of a piercing. They provide a handy alternative by eliminating the need for permanent holes, making them ideal for those hesitant about or unable to get piercings. This option offers a temporary yet fashionable solution, allowing individuals to explore various earring styles and trends while easily changing their look as desired

70. Toe ring: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A toe ring is a small ring worn on the toes, usually made of metal or other materials. While toe rings are more commonly associated with women, some men do wear them for personal or cultural reasons. The aesthetic they cater to varies, with some embracing a bohemian or beach-inspired look, while others wear them as a form of self-expression. Trends around men wearing toe rings can be subjective and dependent on cultural or fashion influences. Overall, the acceptance of toe rings on men is growing, especially within fashion-forward or free-spirited communities, making them a subtle yet distinctive accessory choice.

C. Carried accessories: 

As the name suggests, carried accessories are not worn by us but carried along primarily for the functionality they offer and then they add to your overall style, here are some carried accessories that are fashionable as well as functional. 

71. Wallet and cardholders: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A men’s wallet and card holder are accessories designed to organize and carry essentials like cash and cards. Men use them as functional yet stylish fashion accessories. Preferred materials include leather for its durability and timeless appeal. Wallets often feature various compartments for cards, cash, and sometimes a coin pocket. Cardholders provide a minimalist option for streamlined storage. The choice of material, design, and brand contributes to a man’s overall fashion statement, reflecting both practicality and individual style. Whether tucked into a pocket or displayed, these accessories merge functionality with fashion in the realm of men’s accessories.

72. Handbags: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Men’s handbags are one of the most important men’s fashion accessories, serving both functional and stylish purposes. Preferred styles often include messenger bags, briefcases, and tote bags. Messenger bags offer a casual yet functional option, while briefcases convey professionalism, and tote bags provide a laid-back, versatile style. Materials commonly used for men’s handbags include leather for a classic and sophisticated look, canvas for a more casual vibe, and various synthetic materials for durability and weather resistance. The fusion of style and functionality makes men’s handbags essential accessories, catering to diverse tastes and practical needs.

73. Umbrella: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Men use umbrellas not only for practical purposes but also as fashion accessories, particularly during inclement weather. Classic styles like a sleek black umbrella with a simple design are timeless and versatile, complementing various outfits. Compact and travel-sized umbrellas offer convenience without compromising style. Some men opt for unique patterns or bold colors to make a statement on rainy days. Additionally, high-quality materials like sturdy fabrics and reliable mechanisms enhance the overall aesthetic. By selecting umbrellas that align with their personal style, men can turn a rainy day essential into a subtle yet impactful accessory.

74. Walking canes: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

Walking canes are supportive devices used for stability during walking, but they also serve as a distinctive fashion accessory for men. Beyond functionality, canes are chosen for their aesthetic appeal. Commonly, hardwoods like oak, cherry, or mahogany are preferred for durability and elegance. Men of various ages use canes to add a touch of sophistication to their attire, especially in formal or classic settings. The use of canes as a fashion statement endures, blending tradition with style, making them a timeless accessory that continues to be embraced for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

 75. Handkerchief: 

Types of men's fashion accessories

A handkerchief is a square piece of fabric, often cotton or linen, used for personal hygiene or as a fashion accessory. It’s less of a fashion accessory, as it’s almost always used for practical purposes like wiping one’s hands, face, and nose. A handkerchief is not a pocket square but you can use a neat and soft one as a pocket square. So It can enhance a gentleman’s look when neatly folded in the chest pocket of a suit or jacket. When wearing it as a pocket square you can express yourself stylishly by coordinating colors with attire, opting for subtle patterns, and mastering various folds, like the classic square fold or the puff fold, to add a touch of sophistication to one’s ensemble.

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