25 super dapper Dashiki shirts outfit ideas for men.

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Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for men

Is a Dashiki shirt something that intrigues you? And if you are wondering how to wear a modern Dashiki shirt and want some sartorial inspiration to conjure up some stylish Dashiki shirt outfits, then read on. We’ll introduce you to some super dapper dashiki shirt outfit ideas, preceded by this short and sweet dashiki shirt style guide. Dashiki shirt interests not only the Afrophile people looking for opportunities to express their African pride through their style, but this ancient ornate shirt also fascinates any man with an appreciation for patterns, colors, and complexity and a taste for the exotic. The allure of the Dashiki shirt is no longer just limited to the African continent or people of African heritage, it’s finding popularity around the world among men and women of all backgrounds.

How to style a Dashiki shirt?

Something about a Dashiki shirt:

You might already know that Dashiki is a shirt, as you are here in search of information and inspiration to style one. For those of our readers who aren’t quite au fait with what a Dashiki shirt actually is, here’s a little intro. Dashiki is a buttonless pullover shirt with an ornate v-shaped collar and an inverted arch-shaped embroidery at the shirt front. This timeless classic of ethnic African fashion in traditional form is a long shirt extending up to the knees. These traditional shirts are now available in modern tailored styles that are loved by fashion-forward urban men. Etymologically the word dashiki comes from the Hausa language (a language widely spoken in Nigeria and Niger), and it originated from the word “danciki “which means shirt or inner wear in the Hausa language.

Dashiki shirt with white shorts
A modern look featuring a dashiki shirt teamed with white shorts

The modern Dashiki shirt for men:

A modern Dashiki shirt is tailored to be worn with modern bottoms like jeans, chinos, and shorts. You can think of it as a T-shirt with an embroidered v-shaped collar that can be tailored or oversized. Or you can think of it as a Henley tee without a placket with a characteristic dashiki inverted arch print. A modern dashiki shirt can be a button-down shirt with dashiki prints, full sleeves, or short sleeves.

The bottoms you can try with a Dashiki shirt:

Like any modern shirt, you can rock your dashiki with rich and vibrant African prints with any casual bottoms, like a pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts. Denim shorts, blue, black, or white work best with a dashiki shirt for a summer resort look with a touch of exotic appeal. A pair of cropped jeans, baggy wide-legged jeans, and a pair of cargo pants work perfectly with a colorful dashiki shirt. What about a pair of joggers or sweatpants? It’s better to stay away from ruining an exotic casual shirt like a dashiki shirt by comboing it with these your sweatpants. A dashiki shirt is simply not made as a loungewear option; a dashiki shirt is not for a couch potato after all. A perfect alternative to a tee on a sunny day, a Dashiki shirt can be effortlessly paired with jeans, chinos, or shorts. If you are after a jazzy badass style statement, a dashiki shirt can work like magic when combined with a pair of black distressed jeans and accessorized with a matching baseball cap, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of badass ankle boots.

When and where to wear a Dashiki shirt:

Modern Dashiki shirt is an exotic casual shirt suitable for you to rock on any off-duty day, on a festival, at a colorful party, on a summer vacation in your favorite tropical destination with sunshine aplenty, or to spend away a lazy day at the beach. You can think of it as a casual shirt, an exciting, eye-popping replacement for a dull tee, or a clichéd polo. You can even sub a floral button-down or a tropical print shirt with a Dashiki shirt for a change and rest assured it won’t disappoint you. So a Dashiki shirt for men can replace any of your favorite tees for a day out. A modern dashiki shirt is not an everyday wear shirt, it should be on more expressive occasions on days when you feel like trying something different, something rare and exotic. You can read about some more exotic shirts if you are thinking of diversifying your casual collection.

How to wear a dashiki shirt with jeans?

This is something most guys ask, it’s in fact the go-to combination for most guys, wearing your dashiki with a pair of jeans in any color or style. A jeans and modern dashiki shirt has a more everyday feel, something less festival-like, or gives off the impression that you are on a vacation when you are not. Pairing a dashiki with jeans may not be as simple as teaming a tee with jeans. It may not suit everyone to use a heavily patterned and colorful shirt with an everyday worn-in pair of jeans. Sticking with minimal patterns is your best bet, by minimal patterns we mean shirts in solid colors with minimal dashiki graphics at the neckline. You can opt for shoes that complement your shirt for a modern contemporary style statement. And if you feel at home with rich patterns and colors then go for jeans that are not overly distressed or patterned to balance the look.

5 key takeaways:

1.    Dashiki shirt is not an everyday wear shirt: It’s a shirt made for off-duty days, festivals, get-togethers, vacations on tropical destinations, and other special days.

2.    It’s a casual shirt: Obviously, you can’t use this shirt in a formal setting, you can smarten it up a bit for a dressier look if you put your sartorial imagination to good use.

3.    Don’t go overboard with colors and patterns: It’s always better to avoid overcomplicating things. Too much pattern and color may strike a chord with some but it can also be confusing, so it’s better to stick to minimal patterns.

4.    Don’t combine them with sweatpants and joggers: There really is no point in mishmash an exotic statement piece with super casual bottoms like sweatpants. A dashiki shirt is a sartorial specialty; it surely deserves more than being reduced to a loungewear option.

5.    Go for solid and minimal bottoms when wearing an allover print dashiki shirt: If bright prints and sophisticated patterns are something that floats your boat then go for them, and with a bold and bright dashiki shirt, you are well advised to opt for minimal pants. Solids and neutral will do just fine.

There are hosts of celebs, singers, rappers, and movie stars who fell to the allure of this shirt. Here are a few of them who rocked this shirt and looked absolutely gorgeous. You can find some inspo here in these celeb outfits and kick your dashiki swag up a notch,

This pullover shirt with an ornate v-shaped collar and an inverted arch-shaped embroidery at the shirt-front is one of the timeless classics in African casual fashion. These traditional shirts are now available in modern tailored styles that are loved by fashion-forward urban men. If you love to throw on a dashiki shirt sometimes and are looking for outfit ideas then this article is for you to read.


25 Dashiki shirts outfit ideas:   

You can wear your Dashiki shirt just like any other casual tee or a button-down. Jeans, chinos, or shorts anything goes with this shirt. Here are some amazing dashiki shirt outfit ideas that will give you the dashiki shirt lovers, some hints to craft your own fashion statement

1. Outfit # 1:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A regular white Dashiki shirt with skinny denim shorts and white sneakers is a stylish and super modern look for an off-duty day on the seaside or the street. via

2. Outfit # 2:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A white Dashiki shirt with a light grey pair of chinos, and white sandals as footwear, never fails to impress, an undeniably cool look. via

3. outfit # 3:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A dark blue Dashiki shirt with slim-fit black jeans and boots is a cool look to try. Accessorize with sunglasses, a bucket hat, or a quirky wristband to ginger up the look. via

4. Outfit # 4:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A white dashiki shirt with navy/dark brown prints is second to none when paired with a pair of relaxed-fit navy jeans, traditional white African sandals can complete the look in style. via

5. outfit # 5:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A red printed Dashiki shirt with camouflage pants is a fun twist for a badass look, and a pair of sunnies is just the icing on the cake. via

6. Outfit # 6:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
Pair a red baseball cap with a red print Dashiki shirt and blue jeans for a preppy statement. This classic ensemble can be your go-to casual look on any sunny day. via

7. Outfit # 7:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A blue Dashiki shirt with red prints, blue ripped jeans, sunglasses, black baseball cap, is a simple recipe that always works. via

8. Outfit # 8:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A white dashiki shirt with sky blue prints, white jeans, and white sandals is a neat look and a classy take on this exotic shirt. via

9. Outfit # 9:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A dashiki shirt in sea-green hues with bright prints is a perfect match to pair with a white pair of jeans. White sneakers will do the rest to make this outfit a statement. via

10. Outfit # 10:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A dashiki shirt in dark blue shades and gold prints can be effortlessly paired with black jeans and black leather Chelsea boots for an edgy Dashiki shirt outfit. via

11. Outfit # 11:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A navy Dashiki shirt paired with light-wash denim and sneakers is a great way to express your love for the Dashiki shirt. via

12. Outfit # 12:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
For a preppy take on the Dashiki shirt, wear one with a black blazer and shorts suit. A nice pair of tassel loafers will do the rest to carve out an impressive statement. via

13. Outfit # 13:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A graphite gray print dashiki shirt with black ripped skinny jeans and black boots is a very trendy and modern look you can try if you are a fan of skinny-fit jeans. via

14. Outfit # 14:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A dashiki shirt with black and red prints pairs well with black slim-fit jeans, this outfit is one such example. black sneakers or Chelsea boots both go well as footwear in this combo. via

15. Outfit # 15:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A black shirt and blue jeans have always been a perfect match, this combo that syncs up a black dashiki shirt with blue ripped jeans is proof. via

16. Outfit # 16:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
Sync up a coffee brown dashiki shirt with blue ripped jeans, and complete the look in style by integrating a brown Fedora hat and brown Chelsea boots into the outfit. via

17. Outfit # 17:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
This one is another outfit idea for those who love black skinny jeans, a Fedora hat, and a pair of sunglasses are just the right ingredients to spice up the look. via

18. Outfit # 18:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
Denim shorts go so well with short sleeve dashiki shirts. Here is a denim shorts outfit that pairs a navy blue dashiki shirt with knee-length denim shorts. A perfect combo for a sunny day out. via

19. Outfit # 19:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
“An all dashiki look” for a day out on the beach is a great idea to express your fondness for this African shirt. via

20. Outfit # 20:

Dashiki shirt outfit ideas for  men
A dashiki shirt with a pair of white short shorts is a bold statement, you can opt for it when planning to hit the beach or when going to some kind of festival. via

Outfit # 21:

Outfit # 22:

Outfit # 23: Celebs who rocked the Dashiki shirt:

Wiz Khalifa wearing a Daskiki shirt. Just jared

24. Outfit 24:


Can you wear jeans with a dashiki?

Absolutely, a dashiki shirt can be effortlessly combined with a pair of jeans for a casual everyday look. In fact, a dashiki shirt with jeans is one of the most popular ways to rock this exotic shirt. It’s important though, to combine the right amount of patterns and colors. When you are opting for rich and colorful patterns it’s better to opt for regular jeans, not overly distressed or patterned.

Can you wear a dashiki with shorts?

Yes, you can wear a dashiki shirt with a pair of shorts. Denim shorts are by far the best choice, be they black, blue, or even white. A crisp pair of chino shorts in neutrals or earthy tones is another choice to style your dashiki shirt on an off-duty summer day.

Is a dashiki formal wear?

No, a dashiki shirt is not an item of formal wear. It’s not made for formal use. This shirt with traditional African prints is best suited as a resort wear option, you rock one to a sports/music festival or to any other entertainment event.  Occasionally a dashiki shirt can be used as a casual streetwear choice.

Do men wear dashiki shirts?

Dashiki shirts are a unisex item, so it’s perfectly okay for men to wear a dashiki shirt. Its popularity is not limited to African men alone; it’s growing in popularity in other parts of the world.

How to wear a dashiki shirt in winter?

Even though a dashiki shirt, just like a T-shirt is a casual summer style option but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in winter or fall. It’s better to give it a break when it’s too cold, but you can wear it when the temperature is moderately cool. When temperature takes a dip layering is your option. You can layer a denim jacket, a casual blazer, or a puffer vest to stay warm when it gets cool.


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