How to rock the red pants? 36 red pants outfits for men.

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Red pants outfits

If you are one of those guys who are absolutely in love with the color red, then you must have tried your hands (actually your legs) on red pants. The magic of this fiery hue is overpowering, and it takes some guts to pull off these red pants outfits. If you are here to find out more of that red pants outfit inspo, then read on we’ll dig into it a little deeper. But before moving on to our collection of red pants outfit ideas for guys let’s first have a look at a brief style guide on how to wear red pants. 

How to style red pants? A quick style guide:

Red pants can be dress pants, chinos, or jeans, it’s about color, and we’ll be treating any of these pairs of red pants as red pants. To look good in red trews, you’ll have to choose a shirt with the right hues and fit. Footwear choice, layering when needed, and adding accessories are other aspects to consider when styling a pair of red pants. 

What shades related to red are there to consider?

Red is not just intense, it’s rich and diverse too in hues and shades. And as they say, there’s a shade of red for everyone, so it’s up to you to find yours. Burgundy, maroon, crimson, scarlet, and rust are the dominant shades and variations of red guys can opt for when looking to rock red pants. All these variations are equally intense and expressive, and there are similar vibes associated with them. 

The shirts:

Red is not neutral but it’s very versatile and it can be easily coordinated with other colors. Talking of dress shirts, neutrals like white, grey, navy, and black work best with a pair of red pants. Patterned shirts especially the checkered ones look great with red pants, those with a tinge of red undertones. For some killer contrasting combos, opt for blue checks, denim shirts, or solid navy or black tops. It’s always easy to make yourself stand out among the crowd by trying red pants outfit the right way, and using contrasting shirts and layers is the best way to do that. 

Footwear options:

There are two ways to ace the footwear game with red pants. 

  1. Opt for brown, red, or oxblood shoes for a streamlined silhouette. There’s no better way to rock these red pants than teaming them with a matching pair of shoes.
  2. When wearing neutral tops, go for black leather shoes or white sneakers. It’s better to match your shoes with the shirt you are wearing. 

How to wear red pants in winter? 

Use additional layers with your red pants to stay season-appropriate. One of the best practices for layering is keeping the layers in similar shades, or better yet, monochromatic. A black blazer will look many times better when layered over a black shirt. It’s quite possible the other way around too, with contrasting layers, use a black topcoat/leather jacket or bomber over a white tee or hoodie and finish your red pants outfit by adding a neat pair of white sneakers.

How to wear red pants to work?

White pants can be worn to the office by smartening them up with a crisp dress shirt and a suit jacket. Use a patterned shirt with undertones of red, a patterned tie, or a pocket square with a hint of red to add a dose of sophistication to this office outfit. Belts and shoes should match the classic rule of thumb dictates, but there are legal ways to circumvent this rule too. Just skip the belt in favor of side adjusters for an on-trend urban chic take. Stick to red, brown, or oxblood when it comes to the choice of formal suits with your red pants office outfit. They just go so well naturally. But this doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite black leather tassel loafers, go for them but be sure to use a black belt to accompany them to keep the outfit put together. 

Making your red pants look better on you: 5 key takeaways: 

Here are five key things to keep in mind for maximum style impact:

  1. Neutrals for the Win: When it comes to shirts, stick to the classics. Think black tees or button-downs—they’re like the BFFs of your red pants. White and light gray also play well in the neutral zone, keeping things effortlessly cool.
  2. Pattern Power: Feeling a bit adventurous? Opt for patterned shirts with a dash of red. It adds that extra flair without going overboard.
  3. Step into Style: Your shoe game matters. Brown and red leather shoes or sneakers are the go-to champions. However, don’t shy away from white sneakers for a sporty vibe or throw on some black kicks to shake things up a bit.
  4. Accessorize, but Keep it Cool: Accessories are the spice of life, right? Toss on some sunnies, a baseball cap, or a bandana to elevate your look. Just remember, less is more—don’t overdo it.
  5. Red Pants All Year Round: The beauty of red pants? They’re not just a one-season wonder. Wear them anywhere, anytime. Just tweak the outfit to match the vibe of the season and the occasion. Versatility for the win!

36 red pants outfits

The smart casual:

These smart casual red pants outfits will let you fathom what to expect from these bad boys. Throw on your crispest blazer over a layer that blends in well with the blazer or pants, top it off with a snazzy pocket square and complete the look by adding a pair of kicks that you love the most, you are ready as freddy for some serious style fun. Check out these outfits.

Get ready to unravel the magic of these smart-casual red pants outfits—they’re a beginning of a great journey! Pop on your slickest blazer, mix it up with a layer that vibes with either the blazer or pants, toss in a cool pocket square, and seal the deal with your favorite kicks. Boom, you’re all set for a serious dose of style fun. Take a peek at these killer outfits!

The festive chic:

Red pants aren’t your run-of-the-mill bottoms for everyday wear—they’ve got that extra something. Slip into these bad boys, and suddenly, you’re the artist of your own color palette. Mix and match with reds or whatever shades you fancy to create a look that’s artsy and screams, “I know how to party!” So, whether it’s a festive bash or a night of nonstop fun, these pants aren’t just catching eyes; they’re making you feel like a style champ.

The minimalist red pants flare:

Wanna play it safe with these? There is no better way to opt for a plain white shirt, or a black tee, polo or button-down. Here are some fits to inspire you.

The casual layered look with red pants:

Elevate your style game! Red pants aren’t just pants—they’re a fashion statement. Dive into these casual outfit ideas that’ll have you turning heads with every step. Mix and match tops and layers for a look that’s uniquely YOU. Ready to rock those reds?


What color shirt goes with red pants? 

When it comes to the color of the shirt to combine with red pants neutrals like black, gray, navy, and white are a perfect match for your red pants. Checks in contrasting colors like blue, black, and brown look great too. For a streamlined silhouette, you can use shirts in undertones of red or go for an all-out total red look.

Is it okay to wear red pants for men?

Men can wear red pants, they look great on them, all you have to do is to wear them in the right way. Red is flashy and bold, it may not float every man’s boat but this doesn’t mean men can’t wear them. Men do wear red pants and ladies love it, because red is the color women find attractive on men.

What to wear with maroon pants?

Wear shirts in pastel and neutral hues. To play it safe, combine your maroon pants with a black shirt and don your best black leather shoes. A white button-down, tee, polo, or even a hoodie can work perfectly with your maroon pants and you can complete the look by adding your best white sneakers. 

Are red pants in style in 2023?

Red pants are making a comeback big time in the 2020s. The 2010s saw colored jeans getting immensely popular, red jeans included. Red pants are still a thing and men wear them to create a bold look.


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