50 bomber jacket outfits for guys.

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So you are thinking about stylishly rocking your bomber jacket? A jacket that’s a classic example of a military clothing item becoming mainstream, a military trend gone casual cool! If you want to unleash the full style potential of your bomber jacket and are scouting for some killer bomber jacket outfits, you’ve landed in the right spot. This short and close-fitting jacket is one of men’s most favorite because of its simple elegance. Bombers have been holding their own in the fashion game for decades, proving to be the go-to choice for mild-weather cool. Crafting a killer bomber jacket outfit? Piece of cake – just a few tricks and a quick style guide up your sleeve, and this collection of 50 bomber jacket outfits has got you covered. 

How to wear a bomber jacket? A brief style guide:

What exactly is a bomber jacket?

A bomber jacket, some call it a flight jacket, is characterized by its distinctive features: a fleece collar with a slanting design, elasticated cuffs, and a similar waistband. Additionally, some bomber jackets may include decorative zippers on the arms. These jackets are crafted from various materials, with popular choices including nylon, leather, suede, rayon, twill, cotton, and crepe.

A little bit of history: 

The bomber jacket originated during World War I, designed for pilots to keep them warm at high altitudes. However, it was in World War II that this jacket gained widespread recognition. The MA-1 bomber jacket, introduced in the 1950s, became an icon. It featured a durable nylon shell, ribbed cuffs, and a bright orange lining for visibility during emergencies. After the war, these jackets found their way into civilian fashion, and they’ve never gone out of style since. 

How should a bomber jacket fit?

Alright, let’s talk about bomber jacket rules of the right fit and proper length– but keep it fun, folks! Your bomber buddy needs the right fit and length. It’s not your run-of-the-mill denim or moto jacket; it’s got that snazzy dressy vibe with a functional twist. So, give it some space to breathe – roomy enough for hoodies and turtlenecks, but no need for oversized drama; we’re aiming for fly, not floppy. Length-wise, mid-fly is the sweet spot; no capes here. Keep those sleeves in check – not too long, not too short. Boom! Your bomber’s ready for the spotlight with that perfect fit. ✈️🧥

The layering story with a bomber jacket:

 Exploring the perfect companions for your bomber jacket? Picture this: a crew neck tee, sweatshirt, or sweater—versatile choices that balance casual and formal. The crew neck’s inherent adaptability makes it the go-to for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Consider the sophisticated appeal of a turtleneck or mock neck; just ensure it complements the bomber’s sleek profile. Elevate the look by layering it over a button-down, opting for solids and earthy tones to refine your style. Embrace patterned button-downs, denim shirts, and check flannels for a casually chic vibe.

Now, when it comes to casual bomber jacket styling, nothing beats the timeless combo of a hoodie beneath the bomber. Imagine a grayscale masterpiece – a gray hoodie harmonizing seamlessly with shades of gray in your jacket, offering a spectrum from charcoal to light smoke tones. The key? Keep both tops tonal for those bonus style points. The art of layering has never been this sophisticated. 

What shoes go with bomber jackets?

Ever thought of making your bomber and shoes do the style tango? definitely not a bad idea, its a simple trick that elevates your bomber swag one level up.

Wondering which shoes to rock with your flight jacket? Well, it’s all about syncing up with your outfit and the vibe of the occasion. If you’ve got a swanky leather or suede bomber stealing the show, your best bet is shoes that play well with it.

Take, for instance, pairing brown suede shoes with a brown suede bomber, or going the sleek route with black Chelsea boots to match a black leather bomber. It’s not just a style move; it’s practically a fashion law. And hey, the classics never fail – white sneakers, laid-back loafers, comfy mocs, and chic ankle boots are always in the mix. The shoe world is your oyster!

 Current Trends in Bomber Jacket Styling: 

Today, bombers are the winter staple in every fashionable guy’s wardrobe for all the right reasons,  they have become synonymous with casual cool. Here are some current trends in styling them:

Classic Colors: The most iconic bomber jacket colors are black, gray, olive green, and navy blue. These versatile shades complement a range of outfits and are always in vogue.

Patchwork Designs: Many designers are experimenting with patchwork patterns, combining various textures and materials for a modern and unique look.

Embroidery and Graphics: Bomber jackets often feature intricate embroidery, logos, or graphics. These can add a personal touch to your outfit. And if you don’t mind going a bit boho with your casual fall style, a bomber with embroidery and graphics is something you should experiment with. 

Slim-Fit Styles: While the original bomber jackets were roomy, modern versions come in slimmer cuts, offering a more tailored and contemporary appearance.

Reversible Bombers: Some bomber jackets are reversible, offering two looks in one. This versatility is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Leather and Suede: Besides the classic and traditional nylon versions, leather, and suede bomber jackets have gained popularity, offering a more luxurious and edgy aesthetic.  Suede bomber jackets are softer and add a touch of luxury to your casual attire. Leather bomber jackets exude a rugged and classic vibe. They are perfect for a rebellious and edgy look. 

Let’s go ahead with our bomber jacket outfit ideas.

50 bomber jacket outfits for men.

Black bomber jacket outfits:

The black bomber jacket is basically the simplest one to rock for any guy. Throw it on, pair it with the right staples, and bam! Instant cool. Pair it with slim-fit jeans, joggers, or even PJs (we won’t judge). The all-black look? Sleek and iconic. It’s so foolproof, even your pet rock could pull it off. Here are some black bomber jacket outfits that’ll let you strut in a bomber jacket like you just won a fashion marathon, and throw in some accessories like aviators for that “cool guy avoiding paparazzi” vibe. Boom!

Bomber jackets with button-down shirts:

Imagine your bomber as the VIP guest at a shirt party. Formal shirt? Classy affair. Floral print shirt? Casual garden vibe. Denim shirt? Rugged charm. It’s like your bomber is saying, “I go with everything – let the shirts line up!”

With jeans:

Saying that bombers and jeans are made for each other, won’t be an exaggeration. The right kind of bomber, and by right kind we mean nothing more than the one in solid earthy tones, goes with every species of men’s denim jeans under the sky, the ripped ones, the skinnies, the baggy jeans, the faded light blue ones, or even the dreaded gray jeans, the world is your oyster. Your denim destiny awaits in these bomber jacket outfits with jeans, telling tales of timeless cool.

Burgundy/red bomber jacket combos:

Burgundy’s the bold cousin, and red’s somewhat reckless side – perfect for the gutsy fashion daredevils. Opt for a red-toned bomber, mix it up with your favorite pieces, and voila – you’ve got that effortlessly cool vibe. Need some outfit inspo? Here’s your style adventure map

The leather and suede charisma:

Dive into the suave side of bomber mania with leather or suede options – like a smooth operator in the world of rugged moto jackets. Suede’s all about sophistication, giving bombers that touch of casual elegance. Ready for a peek at these swagger-filled bomber jacket outfits? Let the style show begin!

Casual bomber jacket outfit ideas for men:

Now, it’s time to turn the casual mood on, cozy up with your bombers, and have some fun with them. Dive into the experimental realm, starting with the laid-back champs: joggers and track pants. Believe it or not, bombers play the cool companion. Feeling a tad rugged? Cargo pants and a bomber create the ultimate rugged cargo pants outfit. Casual bombers have endless possibilities; let these outfits be the spark for your style fireworks!


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