10 times Justin Bieber nailed the headband bandana look.

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Justin Bieber's fashion style

Justin Bieber the rock star and style icon is adored by his fans for not just the music he produces but also for his sartorial taste. You needn’t be a hardcore Belieber to admire him as a style icon. A star that rose on the horizon of fame in 2008, quickly became a heartthrob for millions, and Bieber fever became a phenomenon. 14 years later the “baby” singer is still shining bright not just as a rockstar but also as a men’s style icon. Now with his own fashion label ” Drew”, Justin Bieber continues to inspire fashionable men around the world. The way he rocked baggy pants, sagging pants, hoodies, the purple color, skinny jeans, and bandanas became iconic and a trendsetter. In this article, we are going to show some photos of him wearing Bandanas with his trademark nonchalance and impeccable sense of style. If you are a bandana lover and a Beiber fan then this article will interest you and will offer a dose of inspiration with a tinge of vintage appeal. 

What’s special about Beiber’s bandana style: Justin wore his bandanas neatly around his head and never forgot to match them with other components of his outfits. His bandanas have not just added a pop of color to his rockstar outfits with bandanas but complemented them. The way he matched his headband bandanas with his shirts or pants/jeans and styled his long hair became an enduring trend. 

1. A blue headband bandana with blue ripped jeans.

Blue bandana outfits for guys
Image source
J-Beebs kept the look minimalist and refreshingly simple by matching a blue bandana with blue ripped jeans.

2. A green paisley print bandana matched perfectly with a camouflage jacket:

A green bandana ,matched with a camo jacket,  Justin Bieber fashion style
Image source
A camo jacket made a million times edgier by matching a bright green headband bandana with it, JB nailed it.
Justin Bieber fashion style.

3. A crisp blue bandana matched with blue jeans.

blue bandana outfits for guys
Image source
A white hoodie layered under an orange bomber, blue jeans, and a blue bandana, so many colors in one outfit.
Justin Bieber fashion style.

4. A minimalist look featuring a black tee with skinny khaki pants, white sneakers, and a black patterned bandana complementing the black tee perfectly.

A black bandana with a black tee.
Image source
Effortlessly elegant and stylishly casual! Beiber achieved this look by simply matching a black headband bandana with a black tee.
Justin Bieber fashion style.

5. A red patterned bandana with red plaid flannel.

Red bandana outfits for men
Image source
A paint splattered blue ripped jeans made more stylish with a red flannel and a red bandana up top.

6. A white bandana matched with white sneakers.

Bandana outfits for long hair
Image source
A neat headband bandana for long hair.

7. A black paisley bandana with a black oversized sweater.

Bandana outfits for guys, Justin Bieber fashion style
Image source
Bieber makes a black oversized sweatshirt even more badass by introducing a black bandana with paisley prints.

8. A blue overshirt matched with a blue bandana.

Blue bandana outfits for guys
Image source
Blue bandana outfit ideas for guys. Bieber uses these hues of blue so intelligently, so stylish, so blue!

9. A bandana in grey prints matched with a grey tee.

Bandana outfits for long hair. Justin Bieber fashion style
Image source
Justin had 50 shades of grey on his mind!

10. A white bandana, a white oversized tee, light-wash ripped jeans, and white sneakers.

Justin Bieber fashion style
Image source
This outfit proves how good JB is at using shades and hues of the same color, white this time.

11. A black patterned cowboy bandana with a black tee.

Black cowboy bandana with a black tee
Image source
Only J-Beebs can make a cowboy bandana look so cute, matching it with a tee and using a contrasting bucket hat up top.


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