How many undershirts should a man own?

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How many undershirts should a guy own?

Undershirts in the 2020s, despite being so close and intimate to your body, are an underestimated, and underappreciated upper-body underwear item. These unsung heroes protect your pricier and fancier tops from sweat and wear and tear and protect your torso from chafing and discomfort caused by stiffer fabrics. Undershirts do their job silently while remaining undercover. And no, they are not just for super formal dress shirts, your dad and granddad religiously followed the routine to keep them available, and clean at all times. You can wear them under any shirt, even tees, yes you heard that just right. 

We won’t be sermonising on why you should own some sweatshirts and use them regularly and the right way.  You already are perfectly au fait with the all-important role they play in laying the foundations of any outfit, that’s why you are here to read about the number of undershirts every guy should own. Well,  we won’t be coming between you and the information about the magic number you are after, but let’s first discuss something important.

Does anyone wear undershirts anymore?

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This leads us to another question, with the dwindling popularity of the classic undershirt. Does anyone use undershirts anymore in our casual times? Style is becoming evermore casual, democratic, and carefree but there are some evergreen basics that stay relevant. The undershirts are one of those evergreen basics, every guy needs, no matter what his personal style. No matter how you usually dress yourself, formal, smart, chic, dapper, or casual an undershirt is going to be a supportive and faithful friend of yours. You can always count on a quality undershirt to give your outfit a basic layer, form, and structure, and not just that. It will protect your body from chaffing and unease of different fabrics and textures, it will protect your upper layers from sweating and it will save you from the embarrassment of sweat stains showing up on your shirt arms and from unmanscaped chest hair of yours. Many guys don’t wear an undershirt every day, it’s okay for a casual off-duty day but it’s better to use it with your regular outfits. Now without further ado, we going straight to our magic number.

The answer: 10 undershirts.

The answer remains this simple. You need ten of these undershirts, the upper body underwear to fulfill your daily basic layering needs. 10 is going to be just enough to help you pull off a well-structured outfit on any day of the week. There are certain variables involved, like your daily activities and lifestyle, your laundry cycle, and the quality of your undershirts. If you tend to sweat heavily and are sensitive to body odors you may need to change them daily. 

Why 10:

Ten undershirts will be more than sufficient to fulfill any man’s needs. Even if you change an undershirt daily and do the laundry once in a week, ten undershirts will be more than enough. If you chose to change daily then weekly laundry will be a must. 

How can you choose the color and style of undershirts? 

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It really boils down to your personal choice and style of learning. Undershirts come in varying styles, like a short sleeve or sleeveless and v-neck or crew neck. Other styles also exist but these are the most popular. Cotton, cotton blend, and polyester are the most popular fabrics when it comes to undershirts. Short sleeve undershirts will be your best bet in summer because they will offer greater protection against sweat stains, especially in the armpit areas. You should avoid using a short sleeve undershirt under a tank top in summer, as it won’t make sense. If you have some chest hair, avoid scoop neck undershirts, stick to the crew neck or v-neck style instead. Undershirts are meant to be used to give your torso some definition, this means your undershirt should be tight enough to define the contour of your torso, but it mustn’t be too tight to constrict movement or irritate your skin. As far as colors are concerned, white is the king, it will help you keep track of any stains and discoloration and you won’t forget to change them in time. 

How often should you change your undershirt?

This is an important question. You change your underpants and socks daily but what about an undershirt? Well, the best practice is to do the same to your undershirts. Changing daily will be nice to keep a neat, well-groomed, and presentable body. If you tend to sweat heavily during workouts you will have to change your undershirt after every work to avoid excessive body order and bacterial build-up. But on a day, when you haven’t had any heavy workout or an episode of physical activity that made you sweat, you can keep your sweatshirt on your torso for one more day. This is especially true in winter, when you’ll be using layers, thinking of fabrics that tend to be better at moisture-wicking. In this case, you can use a single undershirt for three consecutive days in winter but not an hour more than that! 

Here is what you should consider before purchasing an undershirt for your rotation

  1. Quality fabric to resist wear for a longer period 
  2. Stretchability and breathability. 
  3. Moisture wicking capacity.
  4. The right fit

When should you throw out your undershirts?

It really depends on the quality of the fabric and frequency of use. Most high-quality undershirts if you wear them for one day can last up to two years without visible wear and tear and discoloration. As soon as you see some discoloration and fraying you can discard an undershirt and replace it with a fresh one.


Do you sweat more with an undershirt?

No, an undershirt won’t make you sweat more. Undershirts are made from thin breathable cotton blend fabric that is moisture-wicking and odor resistant and do not offer much insulation. Undershirts are not designed to provide you with insulation, instead, they offer your dress shirts and tees some protection against sweating. 

Should I wear an undershirt if I sweat a lot?

Absolutely, a quality undershirt will protect your pricey tops from sweat. It will also protect you from that sweaty feeling because of the moisture-wicking quality. So if you tend to sweat profusely opt for a sweatshirt that’s good at moisture wicking. 

Is it normal for men to wear undershirts?

Yes, it’s totally normal for men to wear undershirts. They offer protection against sweating and chaffing and give structure and definition to your upper body. So just like women, men can benefit from wearing undershirts under their dress shirts and tees.

How many times can I wear an undershirt?

You can wear an undershirt as long as it doesn’t lose color and doesn’t undergo wear and tear. 

How many days can you wear an undershirt?

It’s a best practice to change your undershirt every day and replace it with a fresh and clean one but when the weather is cool and sweating is not an issue you can use a single for more than one day, three days at the most. You should never wear an undershirt for more than three consecutive days even in winter.

How often should You change your undershirt?

Ideally, you should change daily as a best practice especially if you sweat more. But during colder months you can use an undershirt for three consecutive days but not more than that.


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