10 types of men’s vests.

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Types of vests for men

Vests or waistcoats are sleeveless tops worn over a layered piece like a tee, sweatshirt, or button-down. If you wanna know something about different types of vests, then we have got you here with our definitive list of men’s vests. Tops without sleeves are a statement piece and fashionable guys, it seems, are absolutely in love with them. Some vests are worn with the formal three-piece suit, over a dress shirt. There are other types that are worn over tees and sweatshirts. We will be taking into consideration three factors to classify these sleeveless tops, functionality, fabric, and style. Yes, I’ll cut to the chase and let you jump right into the list but let’s first make something clear, about the word “vest” which means different in different countries.

Kill the confusion: By vest, we mean a sleeveless outer garment with or without a collar that is worn over a shirt. In the UK vest means an undershirt, we won’t be dealing with undershirts in this post about types of vests. 

Here we go with our list.

1. Suit vest:

Types of men's vests

A suit vest tops our list for a reason, this type of vest is a classic staple in men’s wardrobes. A suit vest is an integral part of the formal three-piece suit. Apart from formal use, suit vests are being used in smart casual, casual chic, and street style ways. You can wear a suit vest over a tee or a casual button-down nowadays, this vest-over-tee look is a trendy and stylish way to rock this staple. Tweed vests are a version of vests that has a vintage appeal and it’s an evergreen item in men’s chic style.

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2. A knitted vest or a sweater vest:

Types of men's vests

The next on our list of types of vests is a knitted vest which is in fact a jumper or sweater without sleeves. A sweater vest is traditionally worn in a formal setting over a tucked-in button-down shirt with or without a tie. But this is no longer the only game in town. You can rock a sweater vest in a number of other equally stylish ways. You can keep your shirt half untucked when wearing a knit sweater, you can wear it over a tee and you can use it as a tank top, these are the ultramodern styles of men’s sweaters and they work for most men, especially the younger and bolder guys. This article will introduce you to some stylish sweater vest outfit ideas.

3. A biker vest:

Types of men's vests

Simply put, it’s a biker jacket in any fabric without sleeves. Fabric can be anything, it can be black or brown leather, suede, or denim. Lapels, studs and embellishments, and inbuilt belt loops and belts are the distinguishing features of this Moto vest. A biker vest, just like a biker jacket is often snug fitting.

4. Puffer vest:

Types of men's vests

A puffer vest or down vest is characterized by a fluffy texture. A puffer vest usually has standing collars, it is ideal for adding layers to your fall outfits for extra warmth and style points. You can wear it over a tee, a hoodie, or a sweatshirt for a casual puffer vest outfit. When temps take a dip during winter it’s possible to wear a topcoat over a stylist puffer vest for a cozy winter ensemble.

Puffer vest outfits for guys.

5. Denim vest:

Types of men's vests

A denim vest, although not as popular as suit vests or puffer vests, can be a great addition to your casual wardrobe. A denim vest is ideal for spring and summer and you should prefer to combo it with jeans. A double denim look is your best bet with a denim vest but it’s not the only option. This vest type can be your choice with a nifty pair of cargo pants or even joggers. Embracing a denim vest is one surefire way of injecting a touch of nonchalant cool into your style.

Denim vest outfits for men.

6. Hooded vest.

Types of men's vests

The hooded vest is another entry on our list of types of vests. This one sports a hood on top, and it’s as casual as it gets. A hooded vest is often found in fleece, wool, or denim. You can rock it over a tee or sweatshirt for a cool casual look. Hooded vests are athleisure in utility and they’re used with gym and workout outfits and also with outfits normally reserved for outdoor activities. 

7. Fleece vest:

Types of men's vests

As the name suggests, this vest is made of fleece, it’s soft and easy to use. A fleece vest is always zipped up and almost always features a standing collar, we can call it a mock neck vest. This vest is casual and often used with relaxed off-duty outfits. A fleece vest comes in handy when the weather gets slightly cold and want some serious protection against inclement weather. 

8. Zip-up vest:

Types of men's vests

This vest features a zipper front and is often found with standing collars. It’s basically a mock neck vest with a front zipper. This type of vest may be of any material or finish. The rib-knit, fleece, and wool varieties are the most popular. 

9. Cardigan vest:

Types of men's vests

In contrast with the previous entry in our list, it has a button-up front. It’s just a cardigan without sleeves. A cardigan vest can have a shawl collar, in which case it’s even more classy. It’s a dressier option for men, and you can use it just like a common sweater vest. A cardigan vest over a button-down shirt with a necktie with dress pants is a timeless formal look for men. 

10. Camo vest:  

Types of men's vests

A camo vest here is not totally different, what commonly distinguishes these vests is the camouflage pattern. Camo vests can be worn in casual settings, these vests are a stylish addition to their casual wardrobes. Like denim vests, the cargo ones are preferred for street-style outfits and for outdoor activities and work attire.  


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