How to style a bolo tie casually? And some bolo tie outfit ideas for men.

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Bolo tie outfit ideas

Ever found yourself intrigued by that string necktie boasting ornamental metal tips or aiglets, securely fastened in the front by an exquisitely designed clasp or slide? That, my friend, is the bolo tie, or as our British pals like to call it, the shoe-string or boot-string tie. Now, before you dismiss it as a relic of the past or peg it as the go-to accessory for a grouchy gaucho or a rough-and-tumble cowboy, let’s unravel the truth. Was it merely the beloved accessory of the teddy boys from the swinging sixties or a whimsical embellishment for die-hard Western vintage aficionados? Think it’s just another flashy knick-knack a Texan might flaunt? Well, think again! The bolo tie is a classic fashion accessory with a charm that transcends stereotypes and eras. Let’s get one thing straight – this style of neckwear possesses an eternal allure, especially for men with an eye for style and who are always on the lookout for something new, something different that sets them apart from the crowd. This blog post is all about styling a bolo tie casually and sharing some bolo tie outfit ideas. Feel somewhat overwhelmed? Let’s tackle it step by step, like eating an elephant one bite at a time. 

Styling a bolo tie casually:

Let’s start with a little bit history of this iconic fashion accessory. 

Unveiling the Legacy: The Captivating Backstory of the Bolo Tie.

Ever wondered about the roots and origins of that charming piece of neckwear known as the bolo tie? Well, saddle up as we take a ride through its fascinating backstory. From the dusty trails of the Wild West to the glitz and glam of Hollywood, the bolo tie has a tale to tell that’s as captivating as a Texan sunset.

The story of this fashion accessory dates back to the 1930s. It was a guy named Manny Goodman who’s credited with inventing the bolo tie. Goodman was captivated by Native American style,  His inspiration stemmed from the practice of donning a bandana around the neck, secured by silver conches. Meanwhile, cowboy Victor Cederstaff’s bolo tie origin is more whimsical. While riding, his hat took flight, prompting him to safeguard the hatband by wrapping it around his neck. Playfully commended by friends, this gave rise to the bola or bolo tie, patented by Cederstaff in 1954.

PC Roger Cox seen here dressed as a teddy boy. 17th January 1979 (Photo by Birmingham Post and Mail Archive/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

The swinging sixties saw the bolo tie gaining traction, particularly among the rebellious Teddy Boys, turning it into a symbol of counterculture chic. Over time, its popularity soared, earning official recognition in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas as a state emblem. The term “bolo” likely has its roots in Latin America, reflecting a neckwear tradition predating its Western iterations. Even the likes of U.S. President Ronald Reagan sported the bolo tie, solidifying its enduring appeal and cultural significance. From humble beginnings to presidential attire, the bolo tie has seamlessly blended style and heritage.

Threads of Style: Choosing the Perfect Shirts for Your Bolo Tie Adventure

 Choosing the right shirt can make all the difference in your bolo tie adventure especially when rocking the bolo tie casually. The shirts you wear should vibe with the overall bold Western-inspired look. From denim delights to bright-colored and patterned button-downs, you have plenty of options available. It’s best to blend aesthetics and create a unique personal style. A bolo tie should be worn with a shirt that lets you channel your admiration for the vintage or for any aesthetic that floats your boat. Our verdict is, instead of playing it safe go for an expressive and bold statement with this exquisite fashion accessory.  Go for printed shirts, or quirky tops like a suede biker jacket, a denim vest, an expressive blazer, or a cropped denim jacket. Accessorizing can go a long way in making your statement touch new levels of sophistication, think about hats(Fedoras, the Panama hats, or even bucket hats, whatever floats your boat), bracelets, and sunglasses as sidekicks to elevate your bolo tie swag.  There are endless ways to let this bolo tie shine on you, just let your sartorial imagination take the reins and this article is all about helping you in this regard.

Choosing the Clasp of Your Bolo Tie

Wrangling with the choices for your bolo tie clasp? Well, don’t let this query overwhelm you. From ornate slides to classic clasps, you’ll mosey through the options and pick the perfect partner for your bolo tie rodeo. Now there are plenty of options available as the clasp tends to be the most ornate and remarkable part of the bolo tie. The best option for a guy who’s just starting with his bolo tie journey is the one with gemstones, as they are the most popular type of bolo tie for men. Others have initials of your name on the clasp, it’s good for guys who believe in expressing themselves boldly. Some feature counterculture themes like cow skulls, dead moths, guitars, spiders, and scores of other designs for every taste and aesthetic, you can always opt for the one that syncs with your personal aesthetic.

Bolo tie the two-edged sword: A tie and a necklace: 

What makes this cowboy-inspired accessory stand out is its cool double duty – it’s not just a necktie, but also a necklace, a unique two-in-one fashion accessory. Wrap it around your collar, let it hang loose on your favorite tee, or wear it next to your skin like a trendy necklace, a bolo tie shines in every role. This is the real kicker, and this is why it’s not just a jewelry piece but a coveted collectible, thanks to the elegance and artistic touch with which it is crafted. So yes, bolo ties are more than just affordable jewelry – they’re a statement. The best part? You can snag one of these awesome bolo ties for less than 50 bucks, and you’re not just getting a necktie; you’re also scoring a funky, fabulous necklace that says a lot about your taste for the good stuff.

When and Where to Flaunt Your Bolo Tie Brilliance

Now that you have lassoed yourself a fancy bolo tie, the question arises – when and where do you let it shine? All right, you are wearing it casually but this doesn’t mean you can be careless about it. You have to rock it the right way whether you’re hitting the honky-tonk or strolling down the city streets, to turn heads and leave a lasting impression, no matter the setting! Just choose the right pieces with your bolo tie outfit and wear it with confidence.

 Iconic Vibes: The Stars Who Rocked the Bolo Tie

It’s time to tip our hats to the iconic stars who’ve graced the silver screen and the stage, rocking the bolo tie with undeniable swagger. From country crooners to Hollywood heartthrobs, we’ll take a stroll down the Walk of Fame and uncover the iconic vibes that made the bolo tie a true style legend. Get ready for a star-studded journey through bolo tie history!

Here are some male celebrities who have been spotted wearing bolo ties at various events:

Celebrity bolo tie outfit ideas.

More Bolo Tie outfit ideas:


Can you wear a bolo tie with a T-shirt?

Yes absolutely, you can rock a bolo tie with a T-shirt for a stylish laid-back look. It’s a perfect way to rock this iconic fashion accessory in a bold and off-the-beaten-path way. Wearing a bolo tie with a t-shirt adds a touch of sophistication to an ordinary summer outfit. 

How to wear a bolo tie with a vest.

Wearing a bolo tie with a vest means you are looking to add that touch of Western charm to a vest outfit. You can either let the bolo tie hang freely or tuck it under the vest, both ways it works and the overall look depends on the chemistry of your outfit pieces. A vest outfit allows for so much improvisation and this explains why guys fall for this fashionable look, a bolo tie can just that icing on the cake on this iconic look.

Should bolo tie match shoes? 

Its not a rule of thumb, not an unbreakable tenet of the fashion bible, but coordinating your bolo tie with your shoes can enhance your overall outfit. It’s a nuanced detail that seamlessly unifies your look. If effortlessly matching the bolo tie with your shoes is within reach, embrace it – the payoff in style is undoubtedly worthwhile.

What does the bolo tie symbolize?

The bolo tie symbolizes Western heritage, and the fashion traditions of the Southern United States. But this doesn’t mean its appeal is limited to these parts of the world. It’s way more than that. The Bolo tie symbolizes a connection with the Wild West and thus it’s about nonconformity, embracing freedom and accepting your wild side too. This enigmatic accessory means a connection with the traditional, the vintage and the wild, and at the same time, it’s about reverence to your roots. The bolo tie not only embodies Western heritage and Southern United States fashion traditions but extends its appeal beyond these regions. It signifies more than just a regional symbol – it represents a connection to the Wild West, embracing nonconformity, freedom, and one’s wild side. This enigmatic accessory simultaneously signifies a link to tradition, vintage style, and the untamed, all while reflecting reverence for one’s roots.

Do you wear a bolo tie over or under your collar?

You can wear it both ways, over or under your collar depending on your preference and the look you want for yourself. Since it’s a two-in-one accessory, a bolo tie can be worn as a tie and as a necklace, so you can wear it under your collar when you want it to play the role of a necklace.

What shirt goes best with a bolo tie?

A collared shirt is the ideal match for a bolo tie. You can choose a Western-style button-down, denim shirts, or those with floral or tropical prints to create a stylish and balanced look with the bolo tie. Whether you’re going for a formal or laid-back vibe, a plain white button-down or one in earthy tones, whether solid or featuring subtle linings or prints, complements the bolo tie effortlessly


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